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In which i have airport thoughts


So people, this isn’t going to me much of a post.  First I DO have stuff to say about Vermont but I never got around to writing anything out and instead I’m typing this little ditty in the Charlotte Airport.


First I would like to let people know that there ARE certain rules to using  a people mover.  Or perhaps you call it a conveyer? I don’t know. Here goes:


Stay to the right or walk to the left.  It’s pretty much like those assholes who are left lane drivers on the highway and never get out of your way.  If you want to just stand still move your ass AND your luggage, YES YOUR LUGGAGE, to the right so people who actually would like to arrive at their gate can pass on your left.


See? That wasn’t difficult now was it?  Why is it always necessary to tell people this.  Even when my kids were young I was capable of keeping them to the right. And you couples?  Here’s a secret: If you must talk to your loved one and you’re not next to each other you simply crane your neck.  Or turn it if you will.  I tried it today to speak to Kevin (mostly about the assholes in my way) and we still managed to communicate.


Just saying …


Next up, why is there EVER an attendent in the bathroom waiting for tips.  First of all I passed about 5 bathrooms between Concource B and Concourse E and finally I stopped at one and their was an attendent saying “hello” and “goodbye” and basically waiting for a tip with a jar full of mints that the Sushi Bar I go to always has.


Why that bathroom? There’s no way that all the bathrooms have attendents.  Also, my stall wasn’t really even all that clean.  AND there were no toliet seat covers either.  So why should I feel guilty for not tipping her huh?


I just don’t like this and I think it’s just a guilt inducing thing.  Aren’t they paid.  I went to the bathroom on the way up in Philly and also in the Albany airport on the way back and nobody there asked me for money when I had to pee.  I just don’t think that it’s right.


How about you guys??? What do you think???

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One Comment

  1. chacha1
    June 26, 2014

    Why Lynn, I think you are RIGHT of course! :-)

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