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In which i have an opinion

I don’t normally get too involved in all the little “blogging wars” and “feuds” that go on in the online world but I decided that I would actually address this one.  The other day I read a post that Lisa Belkin of the Huffington Post tweeted out about the big schism in the “daddy blog” world.  I, of course, being completely in space knew nothing about it.


Since reading the initial post I have read several other posts by other bloggers including bloggers at Babble who have addressed the issue.  The main issue seems to be that several dad bloggers think that one of the biggest dad bloggers, who put out a press release on HIMSELF, isn’t completely honest in his blogging endeavors resulting in a huge number of followers.


When asked about it, said blogger claimed to be “better” than the others and thereby pissed off the other dad bloggers.  I don’t know any of the parties involved but the entire situation has me flabbergasted.


We live in a world where we have a peak into the lives of “Real Housewives of the OC”,  low-class, uneducated morons from the “Jersey Shore” and “has been celebrities” in  “Celebrity Rehab and ‘Big Brother”.  We happily watch people screw up and screw each other like in the “Real World.”  We want a window into their world.  I refer to this trend as “the dumbing down of America.”


For the most part, I don’t watch reality tv.  I have before and I know that it’s incredibly addictive but I don’t want to be part of the populace that causes this trend to continue.  That’s my choice.  Why just the other night I was by myself switching channels when before I knew it, I was watching a major catfight on “Real Housewives of the OC.”  It was appalling, and yet, I couldn’t turn it off.  I was mortified that these women, heavily made up and bejeweled and over-botoxed would be willing to show themselves to the public.


But that’s the point.  People will do anything to get fame … or in the blogging sense, to get followers.  So you exaggerate a story.  This is America, bigger is better and the more shocking you are the better the chance you have of being discovered.


I think that people look into the world and think one of two things: wow, their life is more interesting than mine so I can dream about that lifestyle or, Wow: my life is so much better than that.  They might have money and jewels but they’re a bunch of phonies.


We use this stuff to feel better about our selves.  The fact is, that it’s not about blogging with integrity; it’s about living with integrity. It’s about admitting that you have faults and foibles and liking yourself despite that.  Look around you.  How do you feel when people admire your best friend but you KNOW that she’s had a breast augmentation.  They’re admiring an ideal that doesn’t exist.  I’m not suggesting that people shouldn’t have surgery.  I think people should do whatever they want to feel better about them BUT it’s not natural.  Very few people have perfect lives.  Very few people have it all and most people aren’t willing to divulge the dark side of their soul.


I have been very lucky.  I’m married to a great guy and we have three kids but although they’re fairly bright, attractive and personable kids they’re certainly not without their flaws.  Kevin and I see a million things we could have and possibly should have done differently.  They’re not perfect but hopefully, despite their flaws, they’ll grow up to be viable and functioning members of society.


Hopefully they’ll be loving and supportive children, siblings and eventually spouses and parents.


So back to the initial feud.  Why is it so damn shocking that some asshole can become a big blogger?  He wrote a post.  I read it, it was fine. It went viral.  More people started following him.  He got bigger and bigger.  Of course there’s jealousy.  Of course there’s resentment.  The fact that the guy is an ass and announced that he’s just “better than the rest” didn’t help.


But, he wouldn’t have gotten bigger if people weren’t reading him would he?  Are those people following him because they think he’s awesome? Or are they following him to see what asshole thing he’ll say next.  I have no idea because I don’t read any of that crap.  The thing is, people WANT to follow assholes.  People like controversy.
PEOPLE ARE BORED. They read other blogs because they’re informative, interesting, and fun or they just suck so badly they make them laugh.


So I don’t understand these feuds.  Everyday you see things that you don’t like.  I see people doing things that I don’t agree with.  I see opinions on TV that are downright stupid and millions of people apparently disagree or it wouldn’t be on TV right?


And yet, I don’t address that because this is life.  So, instead of “feeding the troll” as it were, why don’t these other dad bloggers just ignore the guy?  Eventually every hot air balloon comes down.


Blogging is a funny thing.  I started around the same time as that guy.  I don’t have a particularly large blog although I think I have a fairly loyal following.  I blog because I want to.  When I don’t want to anymore I’ll stop.  I think a better approach for these other dads is to figure out WHY they’re blogging, what they want and more importantly, why they even give a shit about one stupid blogger.


It’s all about what you want.  Would I like my blog to be bigger? Honestly? Yes.  Am I willing to work for that goal? Absolutely not.  If it happens magically it’ll happen but I have better things to do with my time (Mahjong, games, puzzles, books etc.) then worry about that crap.


Perhaps people should just examine themselves and stop looking through the window at the rest of society.


Just my opinion but this is my blog and I can say or do whatever the hell I want with it.  That’s the joy of this country.  Self-expression for better or worse.


Lynn MacDonald

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  1. Dylan Lin Calista
    July 17, 2012


    I personally don’t get it either but suffice to say, once you start having ‘haters’, you know you’re getting people’s attention.

    It’s naive for anyone to think that everything they read on the internet is true. Sure, some bloggers may exaggerate their stories but well, that’s their thing. It’s unethical to some, but for the ones that do this, obviously, ethics is not something that concerns them.

    If someone has so much time to bash another person, I find it sad. I have far better things to do than sit in front of my laptop to berate another person and/ or say vile things about them. If I don’t like what I read/ see, I close out and move on. If I’m passionate about a certain subject, then I write my own opinions. Otherwise, my rule of thumb is, don’t like what you see? Move on.

    A lot of people spend too much time judging others rather than spending time on self improvement but at least there are still some good, decent people out there who don’t see the world through tunnel vision.

    Now let’s all have a big group hug (aww) lol.
    Dylan Lin Calista recently posted..How Do You Deal With Change?My Profile

    • Lynn
      July 17, 2012

      group hug? hahaha…i just think the brougha is contrived and ridiculous

  2. Mayor Gia
    July 17, 2012

    Hmm..interesting. I was totally in the dark about this too. Hey, at least you can’t say it’s always women who cause the drama at least.
    Mayor Gia recently posted..Sexual Harassment and BoyfriendMy Profile

    • Lynn
      July 17, 2012

      the men are always as bad. just not as frequent

  3. Jester Queen
    July 17, 2012

    Well I was oblivious about the Dadsnipe wars until you directed me to that article. That’s ten minutes I’ll never get back. I’m afraid my response is the same as yours. Who FUCKING CARES what this guy does on his own webpage.

    • Lynn
      July 17, 2012

      really…so many fights all the time. too amusing though

  4. Julie
    July 17, 2012

    Everything you read on the internet isn’t true?! I’m screwed.

    • Lynn
      July 17, 2012

      yep…that’s what they tell me

  5. Liz D
    July 17, 2012

    I actually read this guy’s blog and have for a while now. I don’t think I’d call him an asshole, but sometimes he is definitely full of himself. It doesn’t take a five blog series, with multiple pages, to convey a story that his friend was able to condnese to two pages. And she was at least concious the majority of the time.
    I don’t know about the other dad bloggers, but Dan’s blog is his only source of income. Of course he’s going to advertise it and promote it! We can’t fault him for marketing himself as every other company does.
    I have always agreed with you, Lynn, when you say – write about what you want, who cares what others think! That’s exactly what Dan does. I think the other dad bloggers should lay off. And Dan should let it go, too. We need to be civil to each other in the blogging world.
    Liz D recently posted..Boy Bits – Part 1My Profile

    • Lynn
      July 17, 2012

      Well, i don’t read any of the blogs of any of the people involved. I do think that someone that proclaims themselves to be “better” than the others is a bit of an ass. However, I was just pointing out that it takes all kinds and it’s really up to his/her readers to decide what they want to read.

  6. Mary Anne
    July 17, 2012

    As PT Barnum has said :There’s a sucker born every minute”……Real voices last, fake ones don’t-like my bestie’s 10 year old boob deflated one night and she woke up with one boob. Had to get another one.

    • Lynn
      July 17, 2012

      hahaha…too funny

  7. Brittany
    July 17, 2012

    I read some of Dan’s articles but have avoided this whole mess. I think it is ugly on both sides. Offensive, defensive, who cares? It is awful. His writing is sometimes controversial and he has hit the jackpot with a few posts that…I thought were good a while ago. I also think there is something to say for the community he has formed and the support that community has given to people who are in the minority or are mistreated. Of course, if we all got lucky it would be much easier for us to have this kind of community.

    Like you, I would like a bigger blog but I am not willing to do the things he does to promote his. Do I judge him for it? No. I think it is over the top sometimes but like you said, I don’t really care.

    What sucked is that I saw so many bloggers I really like getting involved and it all felt so icky.

    I like when you have an opinion.

    • Lynn
      July 18, 2012

      Thanks. I can’t imagine that with little kids you have much time. I just want to have fun and if I got any bigger I’d have responsibilities which I don’t want.

      Agreed with you

  8. FFW
    July 17, 2012

    All my haters are curiously recticent, or I don’t have any. So sad for me.

    And maybe I’m naive (No maybe about it, acctually), but aren’t we writing for the sake of writing, with the side benefit being riches and fame? Maybe I don’t get it.

    Won’t be the first time. How’s your girl?

  9. Jenny Starley
    July 19, 2012

    I love the truth in your post. Why anyone should internalize or be offended by another blogger is beyond me. There’s always an underlying truth that usually isn’t discussed so I tend to not take anyone at face value other than to find enjoyment in their stories.

  10. Pauline Stacey
    August 8, 2012

    This is very interesting topic and your opinion is definitely right. I think so. Most of the time women really love to make drama. In fact, I always drama and emotional.
    Pauline Stacey recently posted..Natural Sleeping AidsMy Profile

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