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In which i have shit to do


Ladies and gentlemen:


It’s finally happened! Andie MacDonald has left the premises to go back to medical school. As you can see in the picture my desk is a mess. Why is my desk a mess? Because Andie is a time suck and as a result I haven’t done any paperwork or anything for the past 4 weeks.


Here’s my goal for today:

Clean the fish bowl … poor Hercules and Gilgamesh

Pay my bills

File all the other shit in the pile

Do the insurance (uggghhh)

Drop the animals off to get groomed

Get my hair did!

Possibly change the litter boxes for Butterscotch (IDK about this one)

Work out

Get the watch battery changed

Pack for my trip

Actually go grocery shopping since there’s nothing in the house

Relax on the couch BY MYSELF

Maybe even read a book!!!

Enjoy the silence

So who knows if any of this will happen but I really have to do some of it because I don’t want any electricity or gas cut off now do I?


Also I’m leaving Wednesday (which is actually the day I’m posting this) to go to Maine for a family reunion. Hopefully I’ll have some posts for this week but no promises because DID YOU SEE THAT HUGE LIST ABOVE?????

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  1. Avery Hanaden
    August 9, 2014

    I know how you feel! My mom and I get nothing done when we’re together! It’s like adding sodium and chlorine and trying to make something that can be used as a weapon.

    However, your desk actually looks rather organized compared to the rat’s nest I work in!
    I hope you are enjoying your time with Andie!

    • Lynn
      August 11, 2014

      i was…over now. She’s back at school

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