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In which I helped Keely move


So I’m sitting here on Keely’s couch in California in her new apartment.

She went to Soul Cycle to do a spin class but I worked out this morning so it seemed like a great time to write a blog post. I can’t even believe that I used to write a post every day. Now I barely write one a week.

Whenever I’m in California I lose all sense of time and days. For example, today is Sunday and it’s Valentine’s Day but since it’s freezing at home and every day is perfect around here it sort of feels like Groundhog Day each and every day.

I flew out here last Wednesday and it seems like forever ago. By the way, I flew out here to help Keely move and set up her new apartment and visit of course. The move was last Thursday and it couldn’t have gone better. The movers were helpful and awesome and by the afternoon all the stuff was in the new place and it was basically GO TIME.

For me, a pretty compulsive person, that meant tearing open the boxes and starting the process of unpacking. I had all Keely’s clothes and stuff put in her bedroom and avoided all that so it was all about organizing all the stuff that had been ordered and putting the bookshelves and things like that back together.

You may remember that I ordered a bunch of shit and sent it all to the wrong address. Fortunately, the triage process (which is basically the story of my life … Accessing the problems and dealing with the worst problem first) had worked out and things were now being delivered to her new place.

Before Keely even got home from work things were in their proper places and it already looked pretty homey. Two days later, 3 Target trips and ATT hooking up the TV and we were done. We hung her paintings and voila: beautiful apartment.

We did still manage to have many meals out as well and I’ve met a bunch of Keely’s friend and I finally got to see the Sleepy Hollow writers room!


People are fucking crazy drivers around here.

Also a LOT of people are TERRIBLE drivers around here.

Apparently weaving in and out of traffic is not only allowed but ENCOURAGED!

15 minutes to me and 15 minutes to people in California are NOT THE SAME!

Don’t even get me started on parking lots.

Drivers will hold up massive amounts of cars just to wait for someone to thing about backing out of a parking space. We could have written a sitcom in the World Market parking lot.

I love The Container Store

Keely does not

… Love it that is. She wanted to leave

I just wanted to “contain all the things”

This weekend was the LA Marathon

It was today actually

Outside of my hotel

I watched it

Some of it, Not all of it.

The front runners were crazy fast

It was also the marathon Olympic Trials

I can’t run fast

… Or far

There were lots of people running

Just not me

They did have a cool program that I saw to encourage at risk kids to run the marathon

It was called “Students Run LA or SRLA

I Googled it.

Pretty cool

Now we’re gonna bake cookies

To thank TONY

THe guy who has the drill and has been helping hang stuff

So that’s basically it

Oh, I’m going to Deadpool later

Hope it’s good

See ya

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  1. Theresa
    February 15, 2016

    I have to defend my state! Only cause I was born and raised here, as were my parents before me. LA IS CRAZY… Not all of California. Many of us know what 15 minutes means, and we honor that 15 minutes. We can even drive pretty well. But, in your defense, something happens when you get off the 10 freeway or the 405 or the 5, or where the 101 meets all of them anywhere you are in LA, people lose manners and any sense of decorum. Drivers ARE crazy, and if by chance you work in the world of HOLLYWOOD, time does not mean a thing. Unless of course, you are in a time crunch, or time is money, or you are making a film, etc..etc..etc.. Otherwise, no one shows up on time to your parties, and they don’t seem to care… And for some reason, especially if they are from out of state, they really believe the line from “Clueless” that you can get anywhere in LA in 20 minutes. NEVER ever happens. EVER. L.A. is a ridiculous kind of town that the people who hate it the most end up loving it and living there. Me? I like to visit, but the suburbs of the OC suit me just fine. I must leave you with a California traffic SNL classic! Keely is one lucky girl to have mom fly out and MOVE her! So lucky!

    • Lynn
      February 15, 2016

      Thanks Theresa. Of course I did not mean you

      • Theresa
        February 15, 2016

        hahaha! Well that is a relief. Cause I am my own kind of crazy and don’t want to be lumped in with LA crazy!

  2. Ro
    February 15, 2016

    I helped our daughter move across Canada over 10 years ago and it was a wonderful time for the 2 of us. I hated leaving her but she grew so much on her own. And crazy drivers are EVERYWHERE. Lol.

    • Lynn
      February 15, 2016

      True. But I’ve never seem such weaving at home

  3. chacha1
    February 17, 2016

    I’ve lived in L.A. for twenty years and the drivers are fucking crazy. Also stupid. Also everyone from age twelve to a hundred thinks that they can never die and that rules do not apply to them.

    People post on FB about how pissed they are that they got a $500 ticket from the red-light camera. YOU GOT THE TICKET BECAUSE YOU RAN A RED LIGHT, ASSHOLE. That ticket is your signal from the universe that you are a dangerous shithead. Be glad you did not kill someone while running that red light, because, you know, that actually happens. The takeaway is quite simple: don’t run red lights and you won’t get $500 tickets.

    Don’t get me started on the weaving. Or the turning/changing lanes without signaling. Or the driving while texting. Or the failure to comprehend that high beams are actually controllable and should never be switched on in the city.

    IMHO the traffic in this mess of a city will only become tolerable when the only cars allowed are self-driving. Because humans clearly cannot be trusted to do it with any degree of competence.
    chacha1 recently posted..ten months after the hysterectomyMy Profile

    • Lynn
      February 22, 2016

      I didn’t know you lived in LA. I don’t how you deal with it

      • chacha1
        February 22, 2016

        I cuss a lot. :-)

  4. Mrs. Tuna
    February 17, 2016

    Running? Ummmm……not a chance. There are too many jiggly parts that fight back.

    • Lynn
      February 22, 2016

      I agree

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