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In which i interview myself — repost

Go ahead, amuse me

So this is a rare thing so I thought I’d write about it because basically, that’s what I do.  Write about whatever the hell I want.  I just called Kevin at work and we had the following conversation.


Me:                  “Hey, what cha doing?”


Kevin:             “I’m working, what about you?”


Me:                  “I’ve been interviewing myself.”


Kevin:             “What do you mean?”


Me:                  “Yep, I’ve been so productive that I can’t believe it so I decided to interview myself on my own awesomeness!”


Kevin:             “… and how did that go?”


Me (interviewer):      “Like this!  Well Lynn, I see you’ve been incredibly productive today?  Why did you decide to have such an amazing morning?”


Me (interviewee):       “Well Lynn, I’m glad you asked.  Every once in a while I see that there is actually a lot of SHIT that needs to be done and I decide to kick into gear and do it.  That way when I want to be a complete sack nobody bugs me about it!”


Me (interviewer):       “So Lynn, what exactly did you accomplish?”


Me (interviewee):       “Are you kidding me?  I did three, count them, three things.  First I went to the DMV and stood in a long line to get Keely’s Handicapped permit. Then I went to the bank and did Andie’s bank deposit from three months ago and finally, I went to the Apple store and picked up some installation stuff for the Apple TV so basically, I’m on fire and if you count my workout I’ve already done four things and its only 10:25.”


Kevin:             “…wow…”


Me:                  “So, that’s how my interview was going but then I got bored and decided to tell you about it instead?”


Kevin:             “So you are capable of doing stuff occasionally?”


Me:                  “Well, yeah…I’m capable but who wants to do all this boring stuff?”


Me (again):     “Hey, you’re not going to hold this productivity against me are you?”


So, that was my morning.  How was yours?

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  1. Tammy Barker
    December 30, 2014

    This made me laugh, Sounds like me!

  2. Naomi
    January 13, 2015

    Sounds like my sudden rush of productivity days. Then I collapse exhausted, OH comes home and asks why the house is such a mess, “yes but the sandpit is cleared out” blatantly a priority in the middle of winter.

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