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In which i just do what i do

What Now, Bitches?

Back in the day when I began this blog (really about 3 ½ years ago) I would be so excited to write my blog posts.  Seriously, I would literally be 3 to 4 days ahead all the time.


I don’t know whether it’s time or because my kids are gone and therefore not so funny or just because it’s been gray and rainy since last June but I seriously am struggling to write posts for this here blog!


Someone suggested to me yesterday that I take a break but I already did that at Christmas and I liked the break so much I almost made it permanent.  However now I’m back to the same old “what do I feel like writing about?” and it mostly comes down to being lazy.


It’s not like stuff doesn’t happen and it’s not like I don’t have opinions, it’s just that sitting down and writing it out seems to annoy me.


You know what else annoys me? Basically everything but specifically why do people in the south completely panic the minute it snows.  Today it’s snowing (again) but its not freezing out so it’s just melting.


Therefore it’s just a pretty sort of rain. Now I know that people here can drive in the rain so why does anyone make a big production about it? How is driving with your windshield wipers on any different?


That had nothing to do with anything but I was just saying …


I guess I’ll just tell you about my day.  It’s now 4 hours later and the SUN is out.  That’s right, that bright thing up in the sky that rarely appears is out! Hopefully now I’ll get in a better mood.


Things I’ve done today:


Worked out

Picked up food for dinner

Actually, I picked up enough food for 3 dinners

Shrewd huh?

Watching my dog puke and then eat it again

Realized that I hate my dog

And my fish

But not the cat

Got a call about a check that I apparently didn’t cash

Called the 800 number

Was informed that I have to write a letter to them

Explaining why I didn’t cash it

With my case number

Which I don’t have

Because I didn’t realize that I never cashed said check

Or even that I received said check

Realized that I wish I had someone to take care of that shit

Kevin has that someone

Yeah, it’s me.

Oh yeah, I played bridge

I was awful

Well, the cards were awful too

Probably that’s why I was awful

Holy shit!!! I’ve written a ton

The dog is looking at me!

He probably wants to eat his own poop

I’m sick of pets

I’m going now…

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  1. I know right … everyone needs a wife.
    How did men corner that market?
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  2. Julie
    March 26, 2014

    You saw the sun??!!
    Please tell it, “Julie says hi. She misses you.”

    • Lynn
      March 26, 2014

      i seriously don’t know how you survive up there

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