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In which i just write shit


I’m in my office and my shadow, AKA Tucker, just followed me in here. He’s looking at me all pitiful-like in his “cone of shame” which is now just a daily thing. He doesn’t like it but I can’t get him to quit licking himself so there’s no choice.


Meanwhile the cat has some sort of eye infection. I read that cat’s can get eye infections if they’re stressed. How is it possible for a cat to get stressed? All she does is eat and sleep and shed. In fact, she drops so much hair that I wonder how there’s any left on her body.


Argghhh…In spite of the cone Tucker can somehow lick his foot and that’s what he’s doing. Also the fish tank is cloudy. Remember I bought the fish a new tank? Well I did but this tank keeps getting cloudy. Seriously, these pets are a full time job.


In other news, Daniel only hyperextended his elbow so he’s seemingly recovered. Right now he’s out in Los Angeles with Keely for his fall break and I assume he’s having fun.


Andie is now doing a rotation in the ER so she had a night shift last night. She worked 11 PM to 7 AM and texted me at 10:27 PM telling me that she was already incredibly sleepy. I figured she’d live through the night and went to bed. She did.


This is a short week here in Greensboro for Kevin and myself. I don’t’ mean that they’re actually getting rid of days because I don’t have that type of power; I simply mean that we’re flying to LA on Thursday for Keely’s “completely unsurprising party.” I mentioned it last week although then I forgot to post it but then I did post it so it’s up there.


I could link to it but I’ve gotten quite lazy. If there is, in fact, a link then I’ve decided to go nuts and do things properly. I DID!!


There’s also a LOT of paperwork next to me and I really don’t feel like doing it so probably important shit is slipping into the cracks.


I seriously don’t have much to do and yet I don’t do it. Let me now comment on the state of the world.


Ebola … I think people here need to chill and look at the big picture which is that it’s ransacking Africa and unlikely to make much headway here. And yet, there sure is a lot of news about it.


Malaysia flight #470. Isn’t that the flight number? The one that disappeared. I think that we should just say that it disappeared and not spend money looking for it. I mean, I get that some people want closure but is it worth all that money looking for it? I think not.


ISIS … ugghhh… we have mishandled everything and I think the situation sucks.


Politics … I can’t even figure out why anyone would want to be in politics. It’s so mean and nasty and divided and nothing ever gets done.


Dick Cheney … could this guy PLEASE SHUT THE FUCK UP????


Race Relations … they’re pretty damn bad and I think all these shootings are out of hand and perhaps they need to be convicting some of these white cops to show that the behavior can’t be condoned.


Ok, that’s it for this post.

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  1. Name *
    October 28, 2014

    Love your Dick Cheney line : )

    • Lynn
      October 29, 2014


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