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In which i learned stuff at Mom 2.0 Summit


Things I learned at Mom 2.0 Summit

You can have a third boob!

this is true. I met a girl who had one removed twice! and it lactated! From her armpit! Then she and her friend made a blog from it called The Third Boob

I met two funny girls from Kentucky

We laughed and laughed and laughed. I’m sure this is because they didn’t know i was a Duke fan. Apparently, they decided to try the bidet out (yes, there was a bidet in the bathroom) so they turned it on and it shot water up to the ceiling. This leads me to the next thing I learned which is:

Bidet water dries out from your hair VERY fast in Arizona.

You’re welcome!

People who criticize are in pain!

Apparently instead of being defensive of all the hateful and horrible comments that people leave on blogs and twitter and such, we need to be compassionate and realize that those people are hurting. You see, I always thought that those people were assholes. Thanks Heather Armstrong aka Dooce

I learned that we should “love our curls”

I already loved my curls but now everyone does! No, they don’t love MY curls. They’re supposed to love their own. This speaker was actually very interesting and the gist of it was love yourself for your differences. The thing is that Andie wrote her college essay on this in 2009 and it got picked up for Fiske’s Great College Essays that Work so I’m pretty sure this concept was plagiarized from her. Shhhhh … I won’t tell.

OH NO! Nicole (Sisters from another Mister) is starving and tired and is harassing me to finish this post. I asked her to help and shes all grumpy. BRB

Yes, I’m aware that it’s two hours later but the sun y’all right????

Next thing:

There are “A” list bloggers apparently.

Yeah, I said I was going over to say hi to Karen Walrond aka Chookoloonks and someone said “oh, you’re going over to talk to the A listers?” and I didn’t even realize there was a pecking order.

If there is a pecking order I’m at the bottom because honestly, I barely write or punctuate or anything. Fortunately guys, I don’t derive my bottomless pit of self esteem from blogging so don’t worry about me!

Another thing:

I’m not really impressed with the service here at The Phoenician; it’s incredibly slow table service. I will say, however, that the water service by the pool (and yes, I’ve spent the bulk of the conference down there) is unparalleled in all my travels. They bring you your own pitcher of ice water and the minute the cubes melt down they replenish it. That’s a good thing because the water bottles in the room are warm because even though I have a mini bar I don’t actually have a minibar KEY so I basically can’t open it. I guess that’s a cost savings but it’s good I don’t need a cold drink.

And last but not least:

I should never be entrusted with a room key, especially if it’s the only one thats not demagnetized. I feel like that’s pretty self explanatory.

I might have actually learned a real thing but honestly, I can’t think of it so I’ll just say bye now.

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