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In which i make a business card


Although I don’t work, many of my friends do. Some work because they need to but most work because they want to. It’s fun to stay home and take care of the kids when they are young, but by the time kids get a little older, many women of my generation start to feel like there should be something more. They want some type of “self-fulfillment.” Society is so busy judging people who decide to “stay at home” with their kids. It’s ironic though because without the “stay at home moms” who run the PTA, Brownies and Cub Scouts (none of which I participated in by the way), the other “working” moms would have a difficult time managing the many activities that kids do today.

These soccer teams, school functions, fundraisers and other activities don’t magically run themselves. They usually rely on the good graces of the many volunteers that spend a lot of time and effort on them. Since my kids were young I have hosted several large fundraisers, served with The United Way, built a 6 foot alien for a haunted house which I co-chaired, done decorations at numerous parties and functions, done all the computer items for a large fundraiser at my kids school, not to mention the various and sundry volunteer activities at the kids classes. Art projects, math projects, I even helped paint a mural at the kid’s elementary school. Keely’s Indian Village in third grade might have been one of the great accomplishments of my life and wouldn’t you know, Keely got all the credit for it.

When Andie was in second grade, I was a “typing mom.” What’s that you say? The kids would write their cute little stories and the “moms” would type them up so they could keep them and have them all printed up. Of course, being artistic I tried to match a font to each story. The kids liked it so much that they began demanding that “Mrs. MacDonald” type up their story so they could have “cool fonts” rather than your standard Times Roman. Pretty soon, I spent a vast amount of time typing up stories for the entire year at school. But I digress…

I was talking about the fact that while I don’t work, many of my friends do. I have a good friend named Ann who is in the Financial Planning Industry. One of the many things she does is set up activities outside of work for women to “connect.” Last year she had one such function at her house. The goal of the evening was for women to explain what they did to the group at large so that if you ever needed someone in that line of work, you already had a connection. Why I was ever invited to such a function, I have no idea but in a moment of impulsivity I agreed to attend. As the event drew nearer, I received an email that said “don’t forget to bring your business card.”

Well, as a non-worker I had no business card but being the creative type, I quickly set about making one. After pondering what I wanted to say, I made a card that simply said “Don’t work, Don’t wanna”. It was followed by my name, email address and phone number. As you can imagine, it was a big hit and was voted Best Business Card at the party. Kevin liked it so much he took them to work and still hands them out to this day. The absolute best part of the evening was standing up and explaining my philosophy of doing nothing, accomplishing nothing and being completely okay with it, to a bunch of high powered business women.

Yeah, I have fond memories of that evening. Unfortunately with this little blog I’m actually doing a little something and have had to make some new business cards which say All Fooked Up. But I don’t mind, because at least if I don’t wanna work and now I am working I can be “All Fooked Up”. How can that be bad?

I’m just saying …

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