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In which i must make a disclaimer


I told Andie that I wrote a blog post about “the summer of Andie and mommy” and of course, she was disgusted.  First of all, she hates being in the blog even though she told me “I look every once in a while at your blog so see how inaccurate you are in writing every single conversation ever” and second of all, she said that I always “make her look like a tool” and when I started protesting we had the following conversation:


Andie:             what did you write about?


Me:                  I wrote about “the summer of Andie and mommy”


Andie:             it was “the summer of Andie and mommy LOVING each other”


Me:                  how did you come up with that anyways?


Andie:             I didn’t come up with it, you did.


Me:                  are you sure?


Andie:             yes I’m sure.  This is why I hate your blog.  It’s always wrong.


Me:                  I wrote that you came up with it


Andie:             of course you did.  You always make me sound like a tool on your blog



Me:                  I do not


Andie:             you’re never correct.  Does that sound like something I would do?


Me:                  does it sound like something I would say?


Andie:             yes mom, it does


Me:                  are you sure that I said it?


Andie:             yes mom, I was lying on the couch and you jumped on me and kissed me and said, “this is the summer of Andie and mommy loving each other.”  I would never say that.


Me:                  hmmmm … that does sound like something I would do.


Andie:             now go in there and change your blog


Me:                  nah


Andie:             go change it immediately


Me:                  nah, I’m busy (I was looking at the newspaper)




(And yet, this is why the blog cracks me up)


So here I am, writing a disclaimer that yesterday’s blog post was a bit inaccurate although I’m sure that Andie is just jealous that she didn’t come up with the term “the summer of Andie and mommy loving each other.”


There ya go!


ANOTHER DISCLAIMER: apparently I said it was “the summer of Andie and mommy loving” and she pointed out that the proof is in how incorrect my English was. Also, it’s how I ALWAYS get stuff wrong.  By the end of the summer it will be “the summer of mommy asking Andie when the hell you’re going back to school?”

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  1. For some reason I now have Cruel Summer lyrics running around my head ;)
    Sisters From Another Mister recently posted..Two Funny BrainsMy Profile

    • Lynn
      June 6, 2013

      great … and now i do too

  2. Julie
    June 6, 2013

    Damn, you make me laugh! Thanks!!

    • Lynn
      June 6, 2013

      thanks you!

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