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In which i recap my day … and coffee spill

coffee spill

I just spilled coffee all over myself.  Note to reader: after fixing your coffee it’s probably best to screw the cap back on tight.  Just trying to help out here.


So I just wanted to recap my day thus far.  I have Tucker, the apparently bionic dog, back home.  He’s on a very limited diet, which he doesn’t seem too happy about.  He still has his IV in but he’s getting it out this afternoon.


They told me to study his poop (you can imagine I’m pretty excited to follow him around to do this) and make sure there’s no blood (yuck). Wow…that’s a bit graphic for the morning right?


So I get up and I follow the vet’s instructions, which apparently Tucker is NOT on board with.  I give him 1/8 of a can of yucko food.  He does NOT agree with that small amount of food. I’m supposed to put 3 pills in the food, which I do.  He manages to spit out 2 of them.  Of course, the most important one is this giant amoxicillin and he spits that baby out immediately.


I shove it back in his mouth.

He spits it out.

I pry his mouth open and shove it way back and basically kill my hand on his teeth.


Except not really because I turn around to make my coffee before taking him out and he poops in my dining room.


CONS: he pooped in my dining room

PROS: at least I don’t have to follow him around right????


Also, no blood so that’s good.

Also no appetite because YUCK!!!


Anyways, I went to work out since he’d done his business and peed and all that and I come home and guess what?

He pooped in the dining room again.


PROS: are you fucking kidding me? Also, no blood so that’s good.

CONS: I’m getting sick of this not to mention I hate the smell of these Lysol wipes.


Then I took him out and he didn’t have to poop or pee. He’s probably waiting for me to turn my back so I can get back to my new hobby of cleaning up shit.


I decided to get some more coffee and write this post.


I dumped coffee all over myself.


That’s where I started this post.


Oh well…it’s 10:15 and I’m sure things will get better right???

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  1. Julie
    January 21, 2014

    You could be here ~ buried under a shit ton of snow.

    • Lynn
      January 22, 2014

      wish i was :))

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