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In which i recount LA in a boring way


Hey guys! I realize that I never even wrote a post from California.  Not one single post.  It’s ironic that when you go on vacation and you have nothing but time you tend to write nothing.  In Maine, there was quite a bit of sitting around so I could write a post.


I meant to write another one on the plane from Maine to Los Angeles and I didn’t write one then either.  There wasn’t too much exciting stuff about that trip EXCEPT that I DID get to sit in the copilot’s seat on the way from Rockland, Maine to Boston.  IT was once again a 9-seater but this time I was the copilot.


I sat down and the pilot looked at me and said “please don’t touch the rudder OR the steering wheel (or whatever they call that device” and I assured him that I wouldn’t.  Of course, there were about a million switches in front of me and I wondered if he wanted me to NOT touch them either but he had already but on his headphones so I didn’t ask.


It was a beautiful day and I had a great view.  I watched what he did with the rudders and it kind of looked like a shift car and I didn’t think it was so bad.  Then I spent the entire journey watching the controls and altimeter and airspeed and it seemed like a piece of cake.


When we landed in Boston he asked me what I thought and I told him that I was pretty sure that I was capable of flying a plane now.  I’m not sure that was the answer he expected.


The flight from Boston to LA was jammed and I was seated next to this nice couple that were flying to New Zealand.  They had a 3-week vacation planned.  It sounded nice and honestly, I’ve never taken a 3-wee vacation in my life but they explained they were trying to travel a lot before they had kids which makes a great deal of sense.


Anyways, we landed in LA where I went to the hotel and Keely and Kevin (who had arrived earlier) picked me up and we went to Keely’s new apartment, which was awesome.


We spent all day Saturday fixing the place up and then Saturday night we met some friends at The Lobster in Santa Monica that was delicious but so crowded.  I don’t mean that there were loads of people there (there were) but that we were jammed into a corner and it was ridiculous.  Honestly it sort of ruined the mood because we were so squished but the Raspberry Martinis were yummy and I had 3 of them.  Also, I didn’t have the lobster because I had JUST COME FROM MAINE!  Kevin did and I tasted and it and it tasted the same BUT it was a million times more expensive and I guess that the west coast lobster’s have smaller claws.  Seriously.


Sunday we hung by the pool, not that I needed to but that’s what Keely wanted to do. That night we went out to dinner and went to see the Groundlings which is this Improv troupe in LA and it was loads of fun.  We saw Ana Gasteyer, formerly of SNL and now on Suburgatory.  Interestingly enough, I met her this past year at Blissdom but she didn’t seem to recognize me, which I found shocking.


I enjoyed the improve troupe and I think I would have been better at improve than at standup, not that I’m going to do either.


Monday was Malibu and we ate at Duke’s out on the terrace and it was lovely.  Then Keely drove us around and made us carsick.  Actually, Kevin hadn’t really seen LA before and it was lovely but we did get carsick.  We spent the rest of the day chilling, had a quiet dinner and on Tuesday Kevin flew to Texas and I came home.


The time in LA was funnier than I’m presenting but honestly, I haven’t had any coffee.  I blame Andie because she came home over the weekend and drank all the milk and I like milk in my coffee so I couldn’t have coffee until after I worked out and went to the store and went to get the pets.


Now I’m making it.  Next post should be better but no promises.

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  1. Jester Queen
    September 5, 2013

    I love that you get to see your kids lots even though they have flown the coop technically speaking, and even at “boring” I love the stories you do (and don’t) tell about them. I probably missed a post or two, but I feel some elipses in the tale of Keely’s new apartment!

    • Lynn
      September 5, 2013

      there was at least one funny convo that I’ll write about but it was fun but mostly chilling ya know?

  2. sisters from another mister
    September 5, 2013

    You are HOME … have missed you.
    Will call you later today.
    sisters from another mister recently posted..Parenting stylesMy Profile

  3. Amy
    September 6, 2013

    Cure for carsickness: VerMints brand Ginger Mints. From Whole Foods. Saved my life. You’re welcome.

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