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In which i remembered to write a post


Guys … apparently my mother-in-law is concerned about me because I never blog anymore. That must have been the only way she got news about what’s going on down here.


It’s funny how when you write everyday you have so much to say but when you never sit down at your computer to write you can’t think of anything to say.
Kevin told me that I used to write down notes whenever anything funny happened but if I did that, I stopped LONG ago. That’s why I can never remember anything that went on.


So what did I do this past week? Well, I’ll tell you.


I’m helping my friend Nicole with her new website. I’m not “coding” it but I’m helping with the design so that it can finally get done. She’s been working on it in bits and starts for a year but I decided she just needed a little PUSH to get it done. This little PUSH has taken many hours but we’ve made progress and eventually she is going to have a great “community” site which I’m sure people will flock to.


I also worked on some paintings this weekend and it’s been quite some time. I didn’t work very much the week before I left for Los Angeles and then I was busy last week so it’s been over 3 weeks. I think I’ve forgotten how to paint.


What’s going on with the painting? Well, as you know, the website is up so feel free to buy some art or at least tell your friends.


Also a decorator friend of mine handed out some cards so there is a chance that some of my paintings will decorate a furniture showroom in High Point, which would be great.


I also need to send out some emails about displaying at local restaurants and such but honestly, I’m a bit lazy.


So that’s painting. So between that and the website I’ve been working on there hasn’t been much time.


My son Daniel got a job in California and of course, it’s not in southern California, but in Silicon Valley so now they’ll both be far away but not near enough for ONE TRIP so there’s that. I don’t know the details because … boys.


Enough said.


My office is a mess and between all the paperwork and taxes I think I have quite a task ahead of me therefore I decided to write this blog post and avoid that.


My kitten is larger than my cat now and she’s a bit of a bully. I can’t stop her from pouncing on the older, more sedate cat so I think I’ll have to put Butterscotch in therapy.


Although I’ve been in therapy forever and I don’t see where it works.


I had all my granite countertops redone in the kitchen and they look great. It’s amazing what a lack of care does to the sheen!


Beyond that I’m still working out and doing nothing else so since I’m great at that I’ll continue.


That’s my update. See ya

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  1. chacha1
    February 24, 2016

    Silicon Valley and SoCal are distressingly far apart. Too bad we don’t have this eleventy-billion-dollar bullet train they keep yapping about. ;-)

  2. Sisters From Another Mister
    February 26, 2016

    Let me shout from the rooftops, or at least on this here blog page – what a rockstar you are …
    YOU are amazing, this coding, planning and incredible creative eye that you have … plus together with that whole voice of reason – how can I go wrong?
    Sisters From Another Mister recently posted..The future is bright, adding ex humor is just glitter.My Profile

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