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In which i saw large birds




I live near a lake, a big lake.  Now you might not care about this but it’s pertinent to this little ditty I’m about to relay to you.  Around the lake are pristine woods with both walking and bike trails and then we have our neighborhood.  Our neighborhood also has a lot of open space so the point is, there’s a lot of wildlife around.


Each evening there are deer around and we have groundhogs and other such wild animals as well.  Yesterday, Kevin and I were walking with Tucker (our dog) when we saw two huge birds just floating around in the sky.  We stopped to look at them and they were like a synchronized team.  They would swerve and swoop and they seemed to be enjoying themselves.


We began to wonder what type of birds they were because they probably had a wingspan of at least 4 feet.  Then they started swooping down and they were beautiful on the bottom of their wings as they were so black they looked almost blue.


When we got home we decided we would figure out what type of birds they were as this area has had falcons, hawks and even an eagle.  I looked on the computer and I couldn’t find what type they were, as I hadn’t seen the top of the bird.


Me:                  what color were they on top?


Kevin:             how the hell should I know?


Me:                  did you notice?


Kevin:             Lynn, they were way up in the air.  I could only see the bottom of the birds


Me:                  me too


So we were bummed but then we discovered that we had a “Birds of North Carolina” book for some reason.  By the way, I have absolutely no idea why we have that book as I am about as far from a bird watcher as you could find.


We went out side and we could NOT find our birds.  In some way it looked like a vulture (coloring but not the shape and size) and in some ways it looked like a hawk but none of the pictures had the distinctive pattern I had seen on the wing.


I can only surmise that these are not “typical” North Carolina birds or that the “Birds of North Carolina” book is stupid and missing some birds.  Well, or that there’s some weird genetic thing going on in my area and weird birds are being hatched.  Truly, I think that’s a possibility.  Have you ever watched the movies????


So, if you are a bird buff let me know so I can describe these awesome creatures. Also, thank god Butterscotch wasn’t out with us because I’m pretty sure if those birds had spotted her they’d only have one thought in mind and that’s “dinner!”

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  1. Zanna
    April 16, 2013

    Hi, I followed a link from The Bloggess over here :) I think you have Turkey Buzzards which are actually a type of Vulture

  2. Brad Procton
    April 16, 2013

    I am advised by a bird-o-phile that that is a picture of a Chicken Hawk………otherwise known as a Turkey Buzzard. Apparently they are up and down the East Coast. So take that for what it’s worth. Apparently they are a VITAL part of our ecosystem…….so unless your cat is dead you’re ok. Apparently they use projectile vomiting as a defense mechanism so you might want to stay upwind.

    That is all……….for now

    • Lynn
      April 16, 2013

      that picture is just of a bird, not of THE bird we saw but thanks

  3. JRock
    April 16, 2013

    Well, that photo above is of a turkey vulture, if that helps. You can identify them by the red head, and the way that they glide around. They circle in the same place, but they don’t flap, mostly they just glide, and you can notice a slight wobble when they’re gliding. Then they eat dead things. Yum.

    But since you live near a lake, I could also venture a guess that it’s an Osprey. Did it look like this?

    OR, if it looked like this:
    It’s a loon. Also lake birds with black and whitish bodies. Do you hear eerie calling at night? Loon.

  4. JRock
    April 16, 2013

    Oh! It could also be a heron. Did it have skinny legs and a long neck as well as big wings?

    • Lynn
      April 16, 2013

      I don’t think it was a heron. It was high so difficult to tell. The underside of the wings were very black with a strip of white

  5. Marilynn
    April 16, 2013

    If this is what you saw, it’s a Turkey Vulture. They are all over the US. They are 26″. When they soar their wings are held in a V and they rock side to side. Their wing span is 63-71″. Bald Eagles are larger and juvenile eagles are black with white mottled wings underneath.

  6. Julie
    April 20, 2013

    Maybe a cormorant?

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