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In which i share my thoughts

Today, even though I didn’t want to, I went to my spinning class.  My goal was simply to make it through the class and not get off the bike.  I made it.  Do I feel good about it?  Not particularly.  It’s just how it is.



At any rate, a lot of random thoughts have been going through my mind and I thought I would share them with you.  If you don’t want to read them, go away.

  1. I’m bored and irritable with shit around here.
  2. I’m considering quitting my blog.
  3. I realize that I should NEVER make decisions when I’m in the mood so I won’t be quitting it this week.
  4. I’m considering making some changes even if I don’t quit.
  5. I realize I already made some changes but I’m not sure if I like them
  6. I like the “go ahead, amuse me” thing
  7. It’s interesting how things I don’t find funny that other people do
  8. It could explain why many people don’t find me funny
  9. I’m considering not doing the “whatever mom” thing anymore
  10. … at least not on a weekly basis
  11. I don’t like HAVING to write about something
  12. I don’t do well with requirements
  13. I’m not sure I’m going to post every day
  14. When I write its either feast or famine … famine lately
  15. I realize that I already signed up for BlissDom in February so I need to blog until then
  16. … and I also signed up for BlogHer in August so I suppose I’m totally screwed
  17. It’s harder to blog without a goal
  18. I used to have a goal but I reached it
  19. I also can NEVER remember what I’ve already written about
  20. Therefore, for all I know, I could be constantly repeating myself
  21. I’m trying to figure out what to do about the paintings
  22. My house has way too many huge canvases in it
  23. I have a decorator friend coming over to talk to me about hanging or selling some
  24. … possibly at the furniture market
  25. I need to start stretching my own canvases again…
  26. That means I need to clean up the art room and move out some exercise equipment
  27. I don’t feel like doing that shit
  28. That means I need to get Kevin to do it
  29. Kevin’s pretty busy with work though
  30. He actually travelled three out of four weeks
  31. … which kinda sucks
  32. Daniel is plodding away at college applications
  33. Of course, plodding is not how I roll so that drives me crazy
  34. I really can’t afford to be any crazier
  35. My dog who is faking his own death is a colossal pain in the ass now and keeps peeing on my couch
  36. … my white couch
  37. The doctors at Duke aren’t sure what to do with Keely
  38. … I mean, with this gigantic hole in her pelvis
  39. Not just in general
  40. In general, she’s an awesome kid
  41. NOW… she wasn’t always.  Sometimes I wanted to kill her
  42. I didn’t
  43. Andie is actually the person I’m concerned about least
  44. Which is crazy because she’s insane
  45. But she has her shit together in this pre-med stuff
  46. I now know more about pre-med than I did when I was pre-med
  47. Which could explain why I’m not a doctor
  48. … or even a functioning human being
  49. I have a huge pile of paperwork to do
  50. I fucking hate paperwork
  51. That includes a huge pile of medical shit
  52. Which I need to get done before Keely needs another surgery
  53. Which might be at Thanksgiving
  54. Which I have to get together too!  Thanksgiving that is


Jesus!  All this thinking is making me tense.  I don’t like to be tense so I’m going to quit thinking now.  Perhaps I’ll just go drink coffee and watch my dog pee on my couch.  Did I mention it was WHITE?


Fucking dog.

Fucking paperwork.

Fucking blog.


See ya!



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  1. Susanna
    November 2, 2011

    I totally get points 1, 12, and 31. (plus more but I’m too lazy to type). I object to points 2 and 36 and I sympathise with all that falls between 1 and 54 inclusive. If you quit your blog, I’ll add it as my 133 thought on my list to find new blog to read.
    Thought 134 “can’t be arsed finding new blog”.

    • Lynn
      November 2, 2011

      hahaha…i had to go back to see what was what. Ok, ok, i’m not quitting quite yet!

  2. Grammy
    November 2, 2011

    Been there, done that, burned the damn Tshirt. That feeling of BLECH just sucks. Here’s my 2 cents worth: Back off on posting for while, give yourself a break. We’ll understand. Sell or store the paintings, if you decide you feel like painting more down the road it’ll give you room to hang the new ones. Don’t make any major decisions until the funk passes, I had to learn that one the hard way. Most importantly, breathe. Take some time for yourself. All the other shit will work itself out. Hugs to Keely….and you.

    • Lynn
      November 2, 2011

      thanks for all the good advice…i’m already following quite a bit of it.

      I too have learned NEVER to make decisions when i feel like this.

      All my time is for myself…that might be the problem

  3. Lady Estrogen
    November 2, 2011

    See? Now THAT was funny – at least, I laughed – so what does that say about me?
    Who knows. lol

    I’m still thinking about going to BlogHer next year – buuuttt if I know YOU are going, well…
    Lady Estrogen recently posted..I couldn’t stayMy Profile

    • Lynn
      November 2, 2011

      I’ll be there. come to it

  4. Julie
    November 2, 2011

    Wow, Jack Handy ~ Deep thoughts!

    • Lynn
      November 2, 2011

      Deep….like fixing the world deep right?

  5. Pamela D Hart
    November 2, 2011

    Oh shit, to blog or not to blog. That seems to be the question of the year. I just had this problem. I was so blocked. So I made a change and now I feel like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. But this is about you not me. I would hate to see you quit. I like your blog, and the Amuse Me, and the Whatever Mom is pretty cool too. You just have to do what makes you happy and chuck the shit that doesn’t. As far as your paintings go. I think they are good. Maybe you’ll be able to sell some. Then if you do paint more maybe don’t paint them so damn big! ha ha. And for someone who doesn’t like requirements you planned 2 things so far in advance! (blissdom & blogher)! Holy crap. I wait until the last minute. So, maybe you are better than you think. Okay, this is really long. I’ll shut the hell up already. ;-)
    Pamela D Hart recently posted..I Was A Bitch For HalloweenMy Profile

    • Lynn
      November 2, 2011

      Pam, Pam, Pam…you make too much sense. I booked those conferences because i liked some people and i figured we would hang out there. I still feel like that, i just think i might NEED to have a blog when i go.

      I don’t mind whatever mind…i just find it constricting EVERY TUESDAY.

      I love the amuse me thing…
      I have to have stuff in advance. If i wait to the last minute i panic.

      also, i can’t seem to paint small for some reason

      as always, you are awesome

  6. Stephanie
    November 2, 2011

    Read your blog on my phone while in line at the bank. Must’ve been good because I got my receipt but not my change. You can’t stop blogging because I think I am going to change mine to “Yeah, What Lynn Said” and each day direct my post to yours. I’m sure that is highly frowned upon in the blog world but I am new and should be able to get by for a day or two…

    • Lynn
      November 2, 2011

      I cracked up at this…I love that name for a blog!!!! Too funny…I’m not quitting YET!!!!

      Or at least I’m trying not to

  7. mark @ yelling near you
    November 3, 2011

    It’s all good – you’ll find the zone again if you’re not feelin’ it now. Sometimes a break from blogging allows for the rest of life to stabilize, catch up and accumulate some future blog fodder. The main thing is don’t feel pressured to blog because then it’s just not fun, and that’s what it should be.
    mark @ yelling near you recently posted..Depression hurts. Cymbalta can help turn you into a homicidal maniac. With dry mouth.My Profile

  8. Sarah
    November 4, 2011

    Just work out your priorities. Make a list. Throw it away. Do it again. Get first one from the bin. Check and if it’s the same, you’ve got them right. Then follow it. Yes, even if you hate it, but make sure you have a treat afterwards. Not before, no.
    Sarah recently posted..A Cunning PlanMy Profile

    • Lynn
      November 4, 2011

      Gosh! You’re so practical Sarah! I should try that sometime

  9. Alexandra
    November 4, 2011

    Oh, my thoughts:

    my thoughts would scare you…

    Kinda like an Adele soundtrack..

    • Lynn
      November 4, 2011

      Really? Now I’m curious…what are your thoughts?

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