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In which i shouldn’t worry

I haven’t spoken about her much but do y’all remember that I have a daughter named Andie? (Actually, her real name is Andrea but we don’t’ call her that.  We have never called her that.  We just gave her a real name in case she ever wanted to be all professional and such)


Well we do and she’s a senior at Duke.  She is pre-med and is interviewing for Med Schools right now.  No, not right this second but at this time period.  She has had two interviews and another is set up.  At any rate, I was talking to her the other day and I must confess that she is the child most like me, poor thing.  She is moody and funny as hell but also can be mean and nasty (yup…I’m mean and nasty too. It’s just that I’m older now and more in control of myself …sorta)


Anyways, we had a conversation on the phone the other day and Andie wanted to whine (see? Just like me)


Andie:             mom?

Me:                  what?

Andie:             I’m so tired

Me:                  why?

Andie:             I didn’t sleep at all last night

Me:                  oh no, why not?

Andie:             I don’t know

Me;                  I’m worried about this sleeping thing

Andie:             what sleeping thing?

Me:                  you haven’t been sleeping well

Andie:             damn it mom.  Every time I mention one thing to you then you start worrying about it and then you get all upset and maybe I should just NEVER tell you anything.

Me:                  you say you can’t sleep all the time

Andie:             not true

Me:                  true

Andie:             I just ONLY tell you when I can’t sleep but if you’re going to overreact I’ll never tell you anything

(RIGHT…like that’ll ever happen)

Me:                  ok, so I should never worry about sleep

Andie:             it’s like the stupid anxiety thing

Me:                  no it’s not

Andie:             like when you accused me of having an anxiety disorder and how I should have it taken care of because I’m stressed out

Me:                  ok, so I should never worry about your sleep or anxiety right?

Andie:             right

Me:                  so when you call and tell me you’re exhausted I say “whatever bitch right?”

Andie:             no

Me:                  but I don’t worry right?

Andie:             right

Me:                  so you just call and whine and bitch and moan about things but I just am never supposed to worry

Andie:             right

Me:                  and that’s because…?

Andie:             because then when you worry I feel guilty and that makes everything worse

Me:                  ok, I no longer care that you have anxiety even though you don’t have anxiety and you don’t sleep even though you do sleep except when you want to bitch and moan about it right?

Andie:             that’s not what I said

Me:                  yes it is

Andie:             mom

Me:                  so Andie, how are you doing?

So that’s a typical conversation with my daughter.  Basically, no matter what I personally do, it’s the wrong things.  So if you think it ever gets better as your kids grow up, think again.


Just saying …

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  1. Mom Off Meth
    November 2, 2012

    Great. We just pulled ours out of high school and will be Internet/home schooling her. She is 14 and your conversation seems like all of ours. Thanks for the hope that it NEVER ENDS.

    I’m going back to sleep now. :)

    • Lynn
      November 2, 2012

      hahaha…sorry. Last night as she was freaking about NEVER getting into Med school (she will…I think) she was telling me that when she worries then i worry and arrgggghhhhhhh

  2. Julie
    November 2, 2012

    This parenting thing is a cycle of viciousness, huh? At 49, I still make my own mother crazy.

  3. Jester Queen
    November 2, 2012

    As the mother, you are officially destined to say the wrong thing. She may have called because she needed to be mad at someone, and you’re the only one she can do that to except Kevin.

  4. Scarlett Rose
    November 4, 2012

    Parenting is a tough job as usual. It combines of soft & hard, mild & rough, kind & cruel, good & bad. Your writing reminds me the memory with my kid when she was 15 years old, impossible indeed!!
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  5. Susan
    November 6, 2012

    You have just described my oldest daughter and me to a tee. I thought it would get better as she matured. She is 32….not any better. Good thing I love her so much! ;)

    • Lynn
      November 6, 2012

      uggghhh…so it never ends????

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