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In which i smelled gas … maybe

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So I’m on hold right now and since I’m an incredible multi-tasker I thought id write a post as well. After all I’m sitting at my desk in front of the computer.


You see, a few months ago during our back patio job the contractors informed us that the gas line to the generator was “kinked” and that we should get that looked at.


Naturally, having been in this situation before where I had a massive gas leak and my house almost blew up, I was a bit alarmed. I called the generator people and they said they’d come out and take a look.


I didn’t smell anything but the line was surely kinked because the pad the generator was on had settled. At any rate I contacted me and although they assured me they’d be out in due time they never appeared. I called a few weeks later and they once again said it’d be soon.


Today I was outside and I thought I smelled an odor; that’s right I thought I smelled gas. This time they told me they’d be out the next day but that I should call the gas company.


So now I had to decide if I truly smelled a gas odor, or another odor (I mean I do have a septic system) or if I was just paranoid. The minute I called the gas company they were all like “do you smell gas?” and I didn’t know for sure that I was gas I smelled so I said “well, I certainly smell something and I checked it out and it’s on that end of the house but I’m not positive it’s gas” but then they jumped into action anyways.


Long story short, they’re on the way here and told me not to light a cigarette near the generator (I don’t smoke but even if I did would I really light up in the middle of winter near a generator that I feared had a gas leak), not to use my lawnmower near the generator (ok, well it is January so I think we’re pretty safe with that) and not to operate my car near it (which would require me to drive through the yard and a fence and a tree so no worries there.)


So now I’m here waiting for the repairman, not smoking and wondering if I’m the boy who cried wolf.


I’ll let you know unless my house blows up in which case, no promises.

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  1. Julie
    January 21, 2015

    This is a situation where I would definitely err on the side of caution. Now, put out the smoke and get back to the yard work!

    • Lynn
      January 23, 2015

      all good…it was just a by product of my heater

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