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In which i start a compound bow club … for girls

Written two weeks ago: get over it.


Yesterday was Father’s Day and we had a friend of mine over for dinner.  Of course, since Father’s day was also a Sunday and Sunday is my day off it was quite a conundrum on who would make dinner.


Because we were having steak and chicken Kevin ended up making dinner which I suppose is kind of shitty of me but hey, I took care of Keely so that should count for something right?


At any rate, I DID buy him the best Father’s Day Present ever.  I’ll tell you about it sometime.  After dinner Keely and Daniel were watching TV and Kevin, my friend Rachel and myself were talking.  Somehow we got on the subject of birthdays (probably because mine was coming up in 3 days), which led to a conversation about birthday presents.  I was telling her about my birthday present last year.


Me:                  last year, Kevin took me to shoot a crossbow for my birthday

Kevin:             … and a compound bow as well Lynn

Me:                  right! And a compound bow too

Rachel:            why?

Me:                  why what?

Rachel:            why did he do that?

Me:                  I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to shoot these sorts of weapons for my post apocalyptic life.  You can never have too many skills.

Rachel:            a crossbow?

Me:                  yeah, that was actually quite difficult.  I much preferred the compound bow

Rachel:            where do you go to shoot stuff like that?

Kevin:             that was actually a difficult thing to accomplish and Lynn didn’t help

Rachel:            what did she do?

Me:                  well, I had to pretend I was a bow hunter but I really wanted to tell him I was practicing for the Hunger Games and Kevin wouldn’t let me

Rachel:            was it fun?

Me:                  it was…OH MY GOD!  Brilliant idea

Kevin:             oh god, what?

Me:                  Lynn and friends “compound bow” shooting club

Rachel:            what?

Kevin:             WHAT?

Me:                  this is fantastic.  We all get compound bows right?

Rachel:            ummm

Me:                  and then we get a bunch of targets and set them up in the field across the street

Kevin:             huh?

Me:                  and then, we all shoot the bows at the target

Kevin:             this sounds awful

Me:                  yeah, I shout “pull” and everyone shoots at the target

Rachel:            what then?

Me:                  and then we take a break and sit down in chairs and have a drink while Kevin runs around and picks up all the arrows that missed the targets

Kevin:             well, THAT certainly sounds like a LOT of fun

Me:                  of course, I’ll be hitting the bull’s eye so you won’t have to collect my arrows

Rachel:            what’s it called again?

Me:                  girls compound bow club!

Rachel:            sounds like a plan

Kevin:             sounds dangerous to me

Me:                  it’s not like you’re in front of us while we’re shooting the arrows.  You should stand behind us at that point

Kevin:             what? I shouldn’t stand there with an apple on my head?

Me:                  I think that would be risky

Rachel:            well, the entire idea is somewhat intriguing.

Kevin:             why do I have to run around and pick up the arrows?

Me:                  because we’ll be sitting down and having a drink in between rounds of shooting

Kevin:             why can’t I shoot?

Me:                  because it’s the “Girls’ compound bow club” … GIRLS

Kevin:             I think I got a raw deal

Me:                  and you know what else?

Rachel:            what?

Me:                  did I ever tell you about how I wanted to go skeet shooting?

Kevin:             oh god…

…and then I proceeded to explain my new idea about the “girls skeet shooting club” which, by the way, doesn’t require Kevin to run around and pick anything up.


Me:                  all ya gotta do is pull the little clays Kevin!

Kevin:             oh shit ….


So, who’s in?  I’m getting ready to start the “girls’ compound bow club”.  Bring your own alcohol. (oh, and bring your own bow … BYOB)

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  1. Julie
    June 29, 2012

    I really want to join but until I figure out the proper cocktail to pair with compound bow shooting I’ll be on the sidelines (or behind everyone, chatting with Kevin).

    • Lynn
      June 30, 2012

      just read this to Kevin and he says unfortunately he will be running around picking up arrows…hahaha

  2. Jester Queen
    June 29, 2012

    memememe!! I’m a saggitarius!!

    • Lynn
      June 30, 2012

      good…so now we have two!!!

  3. Dylan Lin Calista
    June 29, 2012

    I’m a big fan of archery.

    The first time I went with some school mates (I was in High School), one of the girls was supposed to shoot the arrow forward…but for some reason, it backed up and hit her on the nose. I don’t know how the heck it happened but it was a plastic arrow for practice so at least it was too hard…but it was hard enough to make her nose go red so she ended up looking like the ‘target’ the entire time we were there.

    Ah, good times, haha.

    • Lynn
      June 30, 2012

      that is so funny…and a good reason so avoid being around an archer

  4. vodkamom
    June 29, 2012

    Written two weeks ago. get over it.

    Favorite line ever. damn you.

    • Lynn
      June 30, 2012

      hahahah…when are we going to meet????

  5. Jes
    July 1, 2012

    Lynn, I’ve read the entire blog…finished it today….navigating the site is odd so i started with the most recent and moved backwards to the very beginning!

    You’ve had me entertained for weeks! LoL like you I have much time to kill. Anyways, love your blog & keep goin!


    • Lynn
      July 1, 2012

      Wow! Thanks so much…can’t believe you read the entire thing. Never thought about a go to the beginning spot but I suppose I could check into it. Thanks for this comment…it was great

  6. Name *
    July 1, 2012

    I am totally with you on this. I took up archery in preparation of the apocalypse. We are gonna rock it!!!

    YAY US!!



  7. Annabelle
    July 2, 2012

    Archery is one of those things that I LONGED to do as a kid. Unfortunately the only time I tried it (in gym class) I was terrible. Maybe if I tried it again now I’d be better?

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