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In which i stormed Atlanta … without burning it


You know, I go on these trips and a ton of funny things happen but I never write them down and then I get to the end of the trip and think “shit I need to write a post” and by then I’m bored and I can’t remember a fucking thing but here I go.


It’s Sunday and I’m on the plane and I’m struggling to remember stuff. I flew down there on Thursday and that was only 3 days ago so WTF???


I can’t say that anything exciting happened on the way down but I arrived at the Atlanta Ritz Carlton Buckhead for Mom 2.0 Summit around noon. I checked in and there were already a million women milling around and I figured I’d never cope and thought about leaving.


Instead I met my friend and roomie Nicole from Sisters From another Mister, yes people I let somebody room with me, for lunch. The reason for getting there early was to “catch up” but instead we had lunch with two other women whose first names I remember but not the rest. If I were better at blogging or SEO I’d remember their names and link them here but frankly, I suck.


Lunch was fine and after we were done we wanted to go sit in the garden but lo and behold, there was no garden. In fact, there was nowhere at all to hang out outside which sucked so newsflash people who run conferences: YOU NEED TO HAVE A QUIET PLACE TO CHILL!!


Why did that suck? Because that only left one place to chill and chat and that my friends, was the bar. Now I don’t know about you but I usually don’t drink in the afternoon but when in Rome, ahem, Atlanta you do what you have to don’t cha? What did I have to do? Have a Cosmo … And then apparently a few more. That’s right, by 4:30 or so I was “three sheets to the wind.”


Speaking of which, where did that expression come from? What does it mean? In my case it meant I was cut off (just now in my head after the word cut off I heard a double clap because in the movie Pitch Perfect that I have seen hundreds of times that’s what they do. If you don’t know about this watch the movie!)


Anyhoo, then we went up to the room and I swear I could’ve gone to bed right there and then (hmmm… is that then and there?) but there was the opening party at “The Estate” which, by the way, is sort of a funny name for a place. I guess it’s a really old estate in Buckhead and it did have an interesting air about it.


By now, my friend Ann from chicks, chat and change had joined us. The three of us settled in and I’m sad to say that I did not have a drink on account of having sobered up with a headache and all.


“So how was the party Lynn” I know you’re thinking? Well, if it wasn’t for the hundreds of women milling about it would have been fine but it wasn’t awful. We met some people; Nicole knows everyone. Some I liked and some I didn’t so pretty much the story of my life.

I was thinking of talking shit about some of the ones I didn’t like but I’ve decided not to; mostly because I can’t remember their names. I did run into Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks and Ann and I were happy to see her because she has come to Greensboro and spoken to the United Way before and we love her. Good news, she’s still as awesome as always.

I also met Heather Armstrong of dooce and she was swell too. She has a good sense of humor and was quite lovely in person so I thought that was nice. A lot of people complain about the pecking order in blogging but I personally have never had a problem talking to anyone.


I did put my foot in my mouth withher a few times but hey, that’s to be expected when you walk around not giving a shit right??


One of the funniest things to happen was a conversation regarding, boobs, Hooters and the San Francisco Giants…more on that later.



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