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In which i surprised him … badly

Have I told you guys about my upcoming trip??? I can’t even remember which isn’t surprising because I rarely remember anything but just in case, I’m going to tell you again.


A little background here.  I hate buying presents and can never think of what to buy.  Sure when the kids were young it was easy because they liked toys but presents for Kevin are just plain impossible.  He’s really picky so clothes, items, electronics and the like are out so what does that leave?


When we were younger, probably in our 30’s, I decided to surprise Kevin with a trip.  Wow, this post is already going off tangent. At any rate, Kevin was (and is) an avid Boston sports fan so I decided to take him on a sports weekend.


Now this was before the internet (I know right? Hard to imagine) so I had to call tons of places and stuff to figure everything out.  I had talked to his cousin who was going to meet us in Boston with his wife and the plan was:


Fly in Friday

Friday night Celtics game

Saturday day Bruins game

Sunday day Celtics game

Fly home Sunday night

It was perfect.  All I told Kevin was that we were going away for the weekend.  I made arrangements to have Carol come stay with the kids and we were all set to go.  I did tell Kevin we were going to a cold place and to pack some warm stuff.  I was psyched and we were all set to go.


We go to the airport in Greensboro

Our flight is delayed

We finally get to Newark

It starts snowing

It starts snowing harder

It’s a fucking blizzard

It’s also snowing in Boston

We get on our plane

We taxi to the runway

It’s snowing harder

There’s a delay

More delay

I finally start freaking and tell Kevin that we’re about to be late for the game

Now he’s freaking too

They take us back to the gate

The plane needs to be deiced

God damn it

They de ice the plane

We are told we’re taking off

They close the Boston airport

They close the fucking Boston airport

We get off the plane

We miss the Celtics game

We find a hotel room

We spend the night at a hotel in Newark

We get up Saturday morning

The plane is going to Boston

We get there late

We miss the Bruins game

We finally get there are meet his cousin and his wife

Who totally enjoyed BOTH games

Yeah, so we made it to the Sunday Celtics game but that was the last surprise for Kevin.


Jeez…I never even told you about what I’m up to now.  Well, guess what? I’ll tell you tomorrow I suppose. HAHAHA

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One Comment

  1. Julie
    December 13, 2012

    I love a good teaser every once in a while. I have more to say but you’ll just have to wait.

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