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In which i tried to Kangoo

Hey guys. I’m still here at canyon ranch reporting on the state of my life. As you might have guessed I DID live through the night after my Boxing Day. I was considering doing it again, can you believe that, but instead I’m trying Kangoo Jump boots.

Bet you’re wondering what they are.

Here’s a picture:


They’re very boingy things that you can run and jump in and apparently they’re not hard on the joints. That’s good because I don’t have great knees and I hate to run but this could be just the thing to take my dog for a walk right?

Yesterday Laurie and I tried the demo and they were fun so today we are taking a class. If I don’t report back after the class it means that I died.

Because I’m a bit nervous about how difficult the class would be I decided NOT to spin this morning. Laurie was dying to take a bike ride and even though I HATE taking real bike rides I agreed. The thing is that my legs were tired so that’s why I didn’t want to take the spin class.


So we start out and, by the way, we are in the Berkshires here and if you’re not familiar with that they’re mountains. It was all good and then we hit and hill but it wasn’t too bad. The thing was that there were a LOT of hills and by now we were far from the property.

Also my first five gears didn’t work so I had to chug up the hills on harder gears. Long story short, spinning would have been easier. Jeez, I hope I make this Kangoo class.

At any rate, as of 10:30 AM this morning I’m still alive. I’ll keep you posted.


So here’s what happened. I put on the little boots and they’re basically like ski boots with springs at the bottom. We run out of the lobby, by the pool and down a running trail. I realize that every step I take is hurting my back. The weird thing is that its the center of my back which never hurts and I can’t figure it out.

Then we get to a stopping place and we’re basically running suicides. At this point I decide that I should NOT be running. I’ve also figured out that it was the BOXING two days ago that probably made me sore. In any case, each time I land hard it jogs my back and it hurts and since my goal is NOT to hurt myself I decided I would not run.

Therefore, Laurie and the instructor ran and I walked and while they did Tabata’s (interval training) I did squats and stuff holding on to the bike stand.

I did like the shoes and I am going to get a pair but now I cannot WAIT until my massage which is in a bit. I didn’t really get the Kangoo test that I wanted but I think that if my back wasn’t sore that they would be so cool. My cousin really liked them and they weren’t what hurt my back.

Nonetheless, it was a bit disappointing. I’m such an old lady :((

My goal is to be back to normal tomorrow but it was the first thing that I discovered that was new and different since the boxing. I think all the torquing is what did it to my back and I think that happened because I was tired.

Moral of the story: don’t get tired

or something like that. I don’t know. I’m not Aesop

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  1. chacha1
    September 5, 2014

    “Moral of the story: don’t get tired

    or something like that. I don’t know. I’m not Aesop”


    • Lynn
      September 8, 2014


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