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In which i update you

goldfish jumping off to new fishtank

Hey guys, remember me? I know it’s been quite a while since I posted but I did tell you that I was taking a bit of a hiatus you know.


I enjoyed my time off and it’s not like it couldn’t have written but it’s pretty sweet to not have to write if you don’t want to.


So what’s up with me? Well I survived my 2 weeks with my kids around. Much as I love them I’m not used to having them around and I’m certainly not used to having all 3 of them around at the same time.


The place was chaotic and messy and Kevin, Tucker and I were completely off our schedule.


Because Tucker is a bit of a mess he spends his life pacing and he’s used to going into our room in the evening; as a result Kevin and usually go into our room around 8:30 so Tucker can hang out on the bed with us for a few hours. He gets rubbed and he sleeps and he’s so cute and basically it’s the highlight of his day.


However, the kids were really not happy that we wanted to disappear at 8:30. After all, Daniel doesn’t even wake up until about 1 and the girls definitely wanted to hang out the evening.


So, Tucker didn’t get his attention and therefore spent much of the break pooping and peeing on the carpet so I spent much of the break cleaning up poop and pee from the carpet.


So yeah, that happened.


Beyond that it was pretty low key because I didn’t really want to spend money on stupid gifts since everyone actually needed some new stuff so there was only stockings this year.


So this is boring huh? We did have fun and lots of laughs but either my memory is empty or I have dementia but I can’t remember specifics.


Hope this update is ok and I’ll eventually get back to real life blogging.


See ya!


PS  Oh yeah, I forgot that there were a bunch of auto updates going up which I took down.  Basically last year I put some posts up there and set them for December 2014 and promptly forgot about them.  All of a sudden they started posting and I was all like “Holy Shit” so I took them down because … why not?


So there was that …

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