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In which people are happy so i’m boring


Just got off the phone with my aunt who lives in Maine and I had the shocking task of telling her that everyone in my family was okay!  Once I said that I was in a state of shock because when are all your kids doing okay at one time? (That was rhetorical)


Keely, as you know, is in Los Angeles and while she isn’t doing what she eventually hopes to do (be a writer) she is certainly doing all the right things to get to that point (taking classes, working, meeting people).


Andie is here spending the summer trying to beat me in Ms. Pacman (and sadly, she’s succeeding) before she goes to Med School.


And Daniel? He’s down at school working and going to summer school and apparently having the time of his life, or so it seems in his VERY occasional phone calls.


So that means no worries for me? But is that possible? Not really, now I just worry about Kevin and wait for the other shoe to drop because in this family (and probably in everyone’s family) the other shoe ALWAYS drops.


I think the only downside so far has been the weather.  It’s been gray and rainy thus far so we’re kind of stuck indoors hence the losing Ms. Pacman tournament.


I know that we’ve had a bunch of funny conversations but for the life of me, I can’t remember them therefore this blog is sure to be boring.  I guess the moral of the story is that a happy Lynn is a boring Lynn.


I’ll try to be unhappier so I can be less boring.  Oh, one thing is that Andie suggested that perhaps I should keep Gilgamesh and Hercules here during her school year rather than her taking them down to school.  She said that “she didn’t have a good place for them to live” and also “they hate the car ride as it causes PTSD” but I think, deep down inside, she knows they love me more than her.


I don’t really have an issue with them although I do hate changing the fish tank.  The only other problem is that I can’t really put them in the vets if I travel and I don’t want to come home to see them floating dead.


For the time being, however, they seem to enjoy being in the office and the cat hasn’t tried to eat them so it’s all-good.


That’s the report from North Carolina; hope all is well with you guys.  I’ll try to be more fun later.

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One Comment

  1. Amy Chrystal
    June 11, 2013

    Glad things are “boring” for you….enjoy!

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