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In which i visited the Friends Home


Today I just went to “The Friends Home” which is a retirement community, to have lunch with someone who once worked for my dad.  You see, a while ago, I was informed that a mutual acquaintance knew this woman and when this person found out that she knew me she asked me for lunch.


Now Doreen, that’s her name, worked for my dad for over 20 years.  My dad has been gone for 15 years so I obviously haven’t seen or heard from her in ages.  What’s interesting is how different peoples perceptions of the same person are.


For example, Doreen knew my grandfather and grandmother as well, and when she talked about them it was completely different from how I think of them.  First of all, she was an adult when she knew them and second of all, she worked with them and obviously I didn’t.


Still, she was talking about all their traits and many of their idiosyncrasies (my grandparents that is) that I only knew through my parents and believe me they didn’t see them in the same way as Doreen did.


My dad was usually considered intimidating at work but apparently Doreen didn’t find him so.  Her memory of things was very different then mine. She even told me that she didn’t remember my hair being curly when she was at my wedding and my hair was much curlier in my 20’s then it is now.


Nonetheless, it was a bit fun reminiscing about how things used to be when I was a kid versus how they are now.  I had to catch her up on all the family history and I don’t really think of that stuff very often so that was interesting.


The one thing I will say is that I still don’t think I’d be very happy in a retirement home.  This was actually a nice one but I wouldn’t like always being surrounded by so many people.  The entire meal people stopped by and said hello and all that other crap and that would drive me up the wall.


Now, however, I feel like I’ve done a good deed and I’m counting it as my good deed of the week.  For the most part, I don’t have a good deed for the week, as I doubt I even do one good deed a week but now I certainly don’t have to.


Here’s what I think of retirement homes:


They’re pretty large

They have a lot of double doors

So when someone tells you to “go to the double doors”

You might STILL be at the wrong doors

Elevators are slow

Lots of really old people look similar

The food isn’t all that great

In fact, not great at all

Things are slow

People are slower

Well, that’s pretty much it.


So that’s what I did today.  Pretty stimulating huh?

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