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In which i was a foodie for a night

I really don’t understand why I’m always behind on this blogging stuff. Once upon a time, really about 2 years ago, I was all over this shit. But now, I’m always writing this stuff down at the 11th hour. I’m not sure if I’m lazy or I just suck but it’s constant at this point.


Kevin and I were invited to a “thank you” sort of dinner party the other night. Now remember, Kevin and I rarely go anywhere but we did attend this dinner. Apparently John (the guy who had the dinner party) and his wife Becky wanted to thank people who helped out at a fundraiser. John’s son, Garrett had won the cooking competition Chopped that’s on The Food Channel.


Garret now works up in New York City at The Standard Hotel’s restaurant Narcissa and he was down in Greensboro visiting his dad.


Because he’s a gourmet chef and I’m a bit of an ingrate I certainly didn’t know what to expect. After all, I’m usually fine with yogurt or cottage cheese and as long as I get my daily chocolate I’m pretty happy.


I was worried that I would “fail to appreciate” all the time and effort that went into the meal but I was wrong. We got there, along with 3 other couples, and there was a menu by the plate. Apparently we were going to have 6 different courses. Already I’m out of my league.


Course 1: Eggplants and herbs paired with Montadon Brut Milesime 2002. So we were having champagne and I wasn’t too keen on the eggplants but there were eggplants and I think a yellow tomato in some sort of herb mush, or maybe it was eggplant mush. Whichever it was it was pretty damn delicious and other then the fact that I really don’t drink much champagne I was thinking, “hmmm…this could be pretty damn good!”


Course 2: Scallops, Carrot puree, sage, brown butter, lemon pared with Loire Valle Anjou 2012. So I love scallops and expected this to be delicious and it was delicious so I wasn’t the least bit surprised. The wine was pretty good but I’m not much of a wine person so once again, I didn’t drink much but the scallops were quite tasty.

photo 2

Course 3: Pumpkin, burnt honey, cilantro yogurt, and celery pared with Loire Valle Anjou again. Honestly, I wasn’t keen on this but then I tasted it!! Holy shit! It was fantastic and the burnt honey was so crunchy and chewy and who would of thought that cilantro yogurt with pumpkin would be so tasty. WHAT?????? Bring on the food!


Course 4: Pork Belly, creamed fennel, persimmon, tarragon pared with Saumur Champigny 2012. Of course we all started in with the “trading places” jokes about pork belly futures. Don’t know that movie? You’re obviously way to young. Anyways I don’t believe I’ve ever had pork bellies before and I’m not much of a fennel person but you know what? The dish was pretty damn good. I realized that foodies probably feel this way when they eat because I swear I could taste each individual ingredient!!


Course 5: Braised Chicken, oatmeal, leeks, parsley with the Saumur Champigny again. Honestly, I’m pretty full already and I’m thinking chicken? I eat chicken all the time. And oatmeal? Yes it was steel cut but OATMEAL? Well! Let me tell you. This dish was to die for. The oatmeal soaked up the chicken and the entire thing was so tasty. Unfortunately, I couldn’t finish it because I was full.   No way can I eat the last course, which is dessert.

photo 5


Course 6: Miso Ice Cream, quince, black pepper pared with Don Benigno sherry. Okay, I’m too full. Also while I love ice cream and I love miso soup I don’t think miso ice cream is something I’ll like. And while I’ve heard of quince’s I’ve never had one. I mean, where the hell do you buy a quince? Also, I’m not a pepper person.

Argghhh…no picture!!!!


HOLY SHIT!!! This miso ice cream is amazing and that quince is sweet and paired together I’m gonna die from yumminess. Also, if there’s pepper I can’t taste it so I’m happy and full and I kind of get it now. These crazy eclectic tastes really mix together nicely.


The sherry was pretty strong and I only had a sip because I’m so full and you know, I don’t drink that much normally.


I have to say; I’ve never had anything like this before. A well thought out perfectly prepared meal with lots of different tastes. It was quite the experience and when they bring things out slowly it makes a huge difference.


So am I a foodie now?? NAH, but I sure did enjoy it!

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  1. Julie
    October 31, 2014

    What a fun evening!! I have the taste buds of a second grader so I would have been hesitant about a few of the plates.
    Great post!

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