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In which i was at the Apple Store 4 times


You guys, the last few days have been so exasperating.  I know I told you that on Friday I had to drive Keely to the Charlotte airport and then on Sunday Tucker was sick and in the vets but what I didn’t tell you was that I got on my computer Sunday afternoon to write about the Tucker thing (which I did) but when I tried to get into Safari it was all fucked up.


I mean, it was SERIOUSLY all fucked up (not to be confused with All Fooked Up which is the name of this blog.)


Yeah, I couldn’t get any windows and I couldn’t get the tool bar to work so I couldn’t put the post up.  I tried and tried and then I tried to reload Safari and then I tried to get Safari from back up and I couldn’t get the damn thing to work.  Eventually, I decided to just make a Genius appointment at the Apple store because what the hell is a Genius for if not to help right?


So, I go in Monday with my iMac and I get to the store.  I bring in the computer and all the accouterments just in case then need them.  The “Genius” works on Safari and works on Safari and works on Safari and I see her trying all the shit that I tried.


I’m starting to feel better because she can’t get it to work either and she uninstalls it and installs it and hooks it up to Apple and unhooks it from Apple and she can’t get it to work.  Genius #2 comes to help and guess what? NO JOY!


Finally the big cheese Genius comes to help and he also can’t get it but finally explains to me that they’re going to have to reinstall the entire operating system.  I ask how long that’ll take and they tell me 40 minutes to an hour.


By now I’ve been there an hour and its 4:00 and I told them I’d probably just come back the next morning but we would see.  I leave the computer and go home and around 6 I figure that I’ll just go get my computer.


I drive to the Apple store and walk in and they say, “it’s not ready. Did we call you?” to which I explain that “no, they didn’t call but they said it would be 40 minutes and it’s been two hours.”


Then they tell me that I said I’d be back the next day so it’s still updating.  I’m sort of pissed but I leave and say I’ll be back first thing Tuesday.


So after my spin class this morning I go to the Apple store and finally, they hand me my computer.  I’m psyched to get home because I need to write a post and put up the Tucker post and etc., etc., etc. but I get home and guess what???


I don’t have a power cord.  That’s right; I walked in with one but they neglected to give it back in my bag of goodies.  I’m so pissed.  It’s not like I live next to the Apple Store so for the 4th time in two days I go back to the Apple Store to get my power cord.


I personally think they should have thrown in a gift certificate or something but they didn’t.


Nonetheless, I now have a working computer and I’m putting up this post so I suppose I should quite bitching (as if) and moaning.


Hopefully I’ll get a few posts done so this blog doesn’t become a total fail.


See ya!

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  1. Julie
    January 16, 2014

    The day you stop bitching and moaning is the day I stop reading your blog.

    • Cynthia
      January 18, 2014

      100% agree. Why do you think we all show up here!?

    • Lynn
      January 19, 2014

      As if I could

      • Lynn
        January 19, 2014

        Hahahah…I have no fucking clue

  2. trisha
    January 17, 2014

    you should phone Apple and complain about there craptastic service and they will probably mail you a card or somehting

    • Lynn
      January 20, 2014

      but then i’d be on hold forever and it totally wouldn’t be worth it

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