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In which i was in Maine

After I went to New York for the wedding I went to Maine. Andie met me in the airport and we flew into Portland. Now we’ve had a number of bad experiences in the Portland International Jetport but not that day. We got our car and the weather was NOT GREAT. As a matter of fact, the forecast was also NOT GREAT.


Normally when I’m up in Maine, which I am every year, there is at least one foggy or rainy day but for the most part it’s incredible. This year, it was like living in a fog bank and I’ve decided that it’s not really where I want to live.


We got up there Sunday and we were lucky in that by the time we got to my cousin Laurie’s house it had mostly burned off. We had a fairly sunny afternoon and evening and a lovely dinner because a) Laurie is an incredible cook and b) they had company so we had lively conversation. As a matter of fact, the conversation turned to the Affordable Care Act (since most of the people there lived in London and weren’t totally familiar with it) and Andie knew a LOT about it.


I got to see Andie shine, despite the many glasses of wine! She was smart and articulate and I was proud.


Monday morning it was overcast but much nicer than expected. I had begun to think that my Budget Rental car had done the trick. What’ that you say?? Well, it was my first time renting as a Budget Fast Break member and they upgraded my car and informed me that it could do “anything.” I asked if it was capable of improving the weather forecast to which they replied “possibly.” I had actually begun to think that my rental car was magical because Monday was a nice day.


foggy view

foggy view

same view ... no fog

same view … no fog

However, on Tuesday, the weather was awful. Storms came through and we woke up and we all felt wet. That’s because we were basically encapsulated in a fog bank. We decided that we should binge watch the latest season of Game of Thrones be cases Laurie had not yet seen it and we had HBO Go. I’m proud to say that my cousin, who had never binge watched before, was up to the task. Between Wednesday and Thursday we managed to watch the last 8 episodes of GoT.


This was no big deal for Andie and I (experienced binge watchers) but I feel as if we taught Laurie a valuable skill.


Other things that happened cuz I’m bored of writing all this out:


I saw my other cousins too.


Susie gave me a massage and it was awesome.


I saw Noah who is a captain on the Stephen Tabor.


I saw my Aunt and Uncle and their gardens were magnificent.


Laurie’s gardens were magnificent too.


I saw a bald eagle.


It was right in the tree in front of us.


The head was still brown which means it’s young.


It was huge though


It takes up to four years for the head to turn white.


It was a great trip.


I’m glad to be home though.


Gee … Maine is beautiful but I’m glad in live in NC

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  1. jody
    September 23, 2015

    you’re sense of humor is awesome. you make me laugh out loud.

    • Lynn
      September 28, 2015

      thank you :)

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