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In which I was in Vermont


Hey peeps.  I’ve been up here in Vermont and as per usual, it’s crazy hectic.  I thought about trying to write an organized post but honestly, I’m very rarely capable of a coherent thought when I’m up here.  Instead, I thought I’d just write a random list (blurbs really) about stuff that’s been happening.


1.  We went to a restaurant and they had chili.  In fact, they had a “crock” of chili.  Allison (my mother-in-law) asked the waitress “how big a crock was?”  I realized that I actually had no clue how big a crock was but NOW I KNOW.  Apparently, a crock is bigger than a cup but smaller than a bowl.  I then turned to Kevin and told him that this was a great piece of knowledge because I have always wondered exactly how big a “crock of shit” is and now I know.


2.  We went to see a lawyer for Allison and John (father-in-law) and of course, things quickly went off topic.  As you may know, I can’t STAND when things take a long time so I spent the entire meeting steering things back on topic.  I suppose this was a big surprise to Allison (I guess that I have a brain) because when we got back in the car she informed me that “now I finally get it Lynn.  I get what Kevin sees in you.”  Now Kevin and I have been married for 26 years and together for 28 years and she FINALLY got it.  HAHAHA


3.  I once wrote a post about how Allison had a Breville Panini Press just sitting in her living room for 2 years because she couldn’t figure out how to clean it. Finally, last time we were here we DID INDEED clean it and it’s been good to go. However, Allison was afraid to use it.  Last night I decided to make Turkey Burgers and at home, I always use the Panini Press.  Allison wasn’t sure that the press was “clean enough” so she insisted that we toast some bread first so nobody would get poisoned.  I finally went ahead and made the burgers and they were a real hit.  Nobody died as Allison had feared but I’m still optimistic.  HAHAHA


4.  Right this minute, even while I’m typing this, Allison is in the other room telling me that she’s happy that the Panini Press works and that nobody died.  HAHAHA


5.  Basically in Vermont during breakfast we discuss lunch and during lunch we discuss dinner and during dinner we discuss the Red Sox.


6.  We went to the Mountain Top Inn and the view was beautiful but it was cold and I’m still not sure a pretty view is worth living up there in Vermont.


7.  I was incredibly funny but for the life of me, I can’t remember a single funny thing that happened.  All you need to know is that I’m a shitty sister-in-law and daughter-in-law.


8.  I was so excited to get home. I love my house. I love my couch.  I love my bed. I love Greensboro.  I love North Carolina.


End of STORY!!

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  1. RichD
    October 29, 2013

    I have a few crocks, largest is 10 gallons…guess that would be a big crock of shit. Love the Panini story.

    • Lynn
      October 30, 2013

      wow…so there isn’t a standard size crock huh?

      • Patty
        October 31, 2013

        I’ve heard that 5.5 to 6 inches is a standard crock size…

  2. Julie
    October 29, 2013

    In case I haven’t told you in a while ~ you absolutely crack me up. And that’s no crock of shit.

    • Lynn
      October 30, 2013

      hahaha…thanks Julie

  3. Ribena Tina @ ribenamusings
    October 29, 2013

    Rolling about laughing at your comment about knowing how big a crock of shit is.

    I’m not good at keeping things on track – I think I get it from my mum. I say to Hubby ‘I’m nipping to see mum, will be home in 1/2 hour’ and his response is always ‘see you in 2 hours’

    …How dare he be right!
    Ribena Tina @ ribenamusings recently posted..What I learned this weekMy Profile

    • Lynn
      October 30, 2013

      stupid hubbies huh???

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