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In which i was like WTF?


Well I’ve had a crazy week so far and seriously, its just Tuesday. Here’s what has occurred.


Remember that I told you that I hurt my back up at Canyon Ranch spa? Why don’t you remember?


At any rate, I did and it’s still been bugging me to the point where I can’t do certain activiites. Also it’s in a really strange place high up between my shoulder blades.


So that’s been bugging me and, of course, when I had an x-ray for that I found out that I had osteoporosis really, really bad in my spine so I’ve been a bit upset about that; a in a HUGE AMOUNT of upset about that because I wasn’t mentally prepared to have that.


Nonetheless, I endured and finally I had my Prolia shot last Thursday. Prolia is what the doctor and I decided we would do to forestall my spine getting worse. You get the shot every six months and hopefully the bones get stronger. So last Thursday I got the shot and when I was in there I was explaining that my back was still fucked up and could I possibly have a break in my spine?


She suggested an MRI to just make sure and since I have decent insurance we went ahead.


MEANWHILE… because my body is so goddamn stupid on SATURDAY I was leaning over the console of my car to get something that fell between the passenger seat and the door (that’s why a passenger should probably always be in the seat) and I felt a “pop” and I thought “shit I think I just broke my rib” because it hurt like a mofo!


So all weekend my rib was killing me and I figured I was just going to disintegrate into a bunch of bone powder and Monday I had my MRI. So I had the MRI and Monday afternoon (AKA yesterday) the doctor called me up.


First she told me that she was impressed that I managed to get an MRI in 2 days which honestly, I do have connections but that was just dumb luck. Then she told me that I was right, I have broken my back before but that’s an old injury and not causing the problem.


What was causing the problem? Possibly the TUMOR that was on my spine. WTF????


Yeah, that’s what I said. Anyways I apparently have a BENIGN tumor on my thoracic spine. It’s quite large and could possibly be pressing on the spinal cord. I don’t know because I was so shocked that I forgot to ask all the pertinent questions.


YEAH, YEAH, YEAH … Andie already yelled at me for that. What I did gather is that 10% of people have these hemangiomas but they’re usually small. Out of the 10% of the people that have them 99% are asymptomatic but the great news is that I’m part of the 1%.


So yeah, that happened. It is large enough that it’s really bothering me and now I’m being referred to a neurosurgeon. My family freaked but I’m just happy that there’s something actually causing all these problems and maybe it oculd be fixed.


Of course now it’s Thanksgiving so who knows when I’ll get the answers. Anyhoo… just thought I’d let you know.


See ya … more later

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  1. Julie
    November 26, 2014

    Holy Shit ~ when it rains, it pours!
    I’ll say a few prayers. Enjoy the holiday with your family.

  2. Name *
    November 27, 2014

    Wow, hectic! Now I want to go have an MRI too! I’ve been having back problems and I was convinced that I had a tumour pressing on my lower back. I have had x-rays which picked up a bit of scoliosis and I had a laporoscopy to see if they could find anything internally. Other than the fact that I have a super duper extra long colon they found nothing. But I don’t have insurance, this is the thing. I have been seeing the chiropractor regularly but that is not working (and costing a fortune). Well, anyway, none of this is really anything you wanted or needed to know but just to tell you, this is moving me 1 step further in the direction of digging into my savings to pay for a bloody MRI.

    • Lynn
      November 27, 2014

      Oh…I’m so sorry. What i learned today was that if you have a crack in your back or anything it can destabilize the muscles so that they go into spasm. I think that might be the problem actually

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