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In which i was sucking wind


I meant to write this post the other day but I couldn’t because, as I told you yesterday my blog was broken.  That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.


I wanted to tell you about this spinning class I took because I thought this was amusing.  Amazingly enough, Greensboro has a new spinning studio called The Cycle Loft.  I heard it was pretty cool and I wanted something different that Kevin and I could do together on weekends so we went to try it.


This place has a state of the art system where there were two flat screens at the front of the room and each bike keeps stats on your RPM and how hard you’re working and tension and stuff.  Then the screens show each rider on a bike (you know your bike number) and everyone is taking a ride together.


In this case we were on some bridge in Norway or something but that’s beside the point.  Beyond this you still have music and an instructor telling you what to do but the entire group is riding together so it’s a big competitive or it WOULD have been if I didn’t suck so badly.


So there are about 10 of us and we’re taking this ride and the ride starts getting tougher and I’m sucking wind and I’m LOSING.  I mean I’m really, really losing badly.  I try to work harder but everyone else is just beating me and guess what; there’s an ambulance following the group.


I’m thinking to myself “I wonder if they’re here for me” and as the class keeps going I kill myself to catch up to Bike 20 and each time I do she surges ahead.  Meanwhile the ambulance is just lurking behind me.


After a while I’m so tired and I’m still losing and started wondering if I slowed down any further whether the ambulance would actually run over me; that made me laugh which I could ill afford to do since I was dying in there.


After the class, which I did survive, I heard a girl say that she is always last and I asked her “were you number 20?” and of course she was and she was pleased that there was another slow person in the class.


When I was explaining to Kevin about the ambulance he speculated that the program would only let you get so behind and just keep you lagging so as not to completely dishearten you.


Next time I’m going to stop and see if the ambulance will actually pick me up and give me some oxygen. Meanwhile, I did burn a million calories which I would love to say helped me lose weight but in fact, I just ate more.


I’ll keep you updated…

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  1. Tammy Kelly
    April 24, 2014

    This is hysterical!!! Good morning laugh!

    • Lynn
      April 26, 2014


  2. fran germain
    April 25, 2014

    first of all…Great job!
    second…LOL!! i would love to hear what the ambulance does if you stop riding……some oxygen would be nice.
    third….uh, yes. the whole point of working out is to eat more, so again, Great Job!

    • Lynn
      April 26, 2014


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