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In which i was too sleepy to post

pills and alcohol

So this is basically NOT going to be much of a post because I just slept through the entire day and here’s why.


I got up this morning, as I normally do …

I ate my breakfast

I read the paper

I dealt with the dog

I got ready to workout

I took my pill

I went to workout

Hmmm…I feel a bit woozy

Why do I feel woozy?

Why is the world seem drunk?

This workout is going right?

Wow… I feel weird

I better not finish the workout

What is wrong with me?


I drive home

Don’t worry, I’m careful.

I think I know what the problem is

I get home


I walk into the kitchen

I look at the pill I just took



I don’t take Ambien

No wonder I feel tired

Why is the Ambien in the kitchen?

So there ya have it.


I accidentally took one of Kevin’s ambien and it was generic so I didn’t see the name of it because normally the only thing in the kitchen is MY MEDICATION and all the other medication is in our bathroom. Somehow, the prescription never made it out of the kitchen and I took it by accident.


I took a nap and then lounged around and then took another two hour nap. ┬áIt’s 4:16 now and I’m just beginning to feel human.


What a crazy day! The only one who liked it was Tucker because I just slept with him all day.


That’s all you’re getting … I’m still not completely awake.

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One Comment

  1. Sally
    December 12, 2014

    So funny! Hope you didn’t have anything important to do today. Maybe you just needed the rest!

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