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In which i watched Crap TV


(written a week ago or so)

Kevin was gone and Daniel and I were alone for the week.  Normally, I don’t watch much TV, especially in the day, but it was gray and gloomy and it was pouring so there wasn’t much to do.


Daniel normally has sports on all the time but occasionally I can’t take it.  Since I promised Kevin that I wouldn’t watch any of the shows that we watch together we were forced to look elsewhere.


Now I have about a million channels on my TV but other than all the premium movie channels I don’t check them out much.  This week, however, we were forced to check out some of the other channels and I was amazed at all the stuff out there.  I’m going to give you a rundown of what Daniel and I spent our time doing.


CASH CAB:  now this show is one of the greatest shows out there.  You get in a cab in New York City and the guy asks you questions and you make money.  You get a few shout outs (mobile and street) and you get 3 strikes.  It’s a lot of fun, sort of like Jeopardy.  Daniel and I kicked ass and I’m pretty sure I won about $10,000 last week although I haven’t seen a penny of it.  Also, Daniel says that I’m going to be his mobile shout-out (that’s who you call if you don’t know the answer).  By the way, this show is now being shown on a Spanish-language channel so you get an added bonus of listening to the commercials in Spanish, which is awesome.


AMERICAN NINJA WARRIOR:  seriously, have you guys seen this show?  It’s a contest for the obscenely in shape people of the world.  You need to be fit, strong and mostly agile.  It seems to me that these climbers and gymnasts do the best because they’re so flexible.  It’s not good enough to just be strong in case you were curious.  At any rate, it’s fun to watch and amazing what these people can do.


IRON CHEF:  I mean seriously, Iron Chef is a go to show.  You can never go wrong and watching Battle Char just about killed us and by the end of the show we were starving.  As somebody who hates to cook, I don’t even understand how people can do this.




MILLION DOLLAR LISTING:  holy shit! This show killed me.  It’s about some young realtors in Los Angeles and them trying to sell houses.  First of all, the houses were retailing between 1 ½ and 58 Million dollars. You heard me; there was a house for 58 million dollars.  It was beyond tacky and had a 50-seat movie theater.  I can’t even imagine buying this house even if I COULD afford it.  There was one guy who was going to buy this 22 million dollar 1 Bedroom house (seriously) and then knock the house down because the property and the views were phenomenal.  The show was unbelievable and Daniel and I watch 3 episodes although I never found out what happened after that.  I gotta say, that shit is addictive and the show cracked me up.


REHAB ADDICT: this was on the DIY network, which I had never heard of.  The host, Nicole Curtis, bought incredibly dilapidated houses and fixed them up.  I watched her work on this house for about 2 hours and it was amazing when it was done.  Personally I’m way too lazy to do this but I can see where people would get some satisfaction and save a ton of money.  This isn’t the kind of show I’d just watch straight out (I was reading at the same time) but I gotta say it was pretty compelling.


DECKED OUT:  OMG! I need these guys to come to my house. They took an ugly house with a nasty yard and made a gorgeous deck in a half an hour. (Well that was how long the stupid show was)  Meanwhile, I need some landscaping and deck work done and I totally want these guys.  Unfortunately, I think they’re in Canada but WHATEVER!!)


So the end result is that there’s always something to keep you entertained if you live in a place that’s always remaining which I didn’t think I did but apparently I do.


I don’t watch all those “real housewives” and “duck dynasty” and crap like that but I must say I enjoyed my little sojourn into crap TV.




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  1. Julie
    September 4, 2013

    Sometimes there is nothing better than a rainy day filled with nothing but junk on the tube. My husband couldn’t believe how a “Chopped” marathon sucked me in. It’s as if I had been hypnotized.

  2. Name *
    September 4, 2013

    These shows are insidious, especially the ‘project’ or makeover ones. Simple weekend projects. If you have a skilled crew, the right tools, etc. etc. They should have a disclaimer — Don’t try this at home.
    Name * recently posted..Basil Fawlty as metaphorMy Profile

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