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In which i watched ice skating


LogoLogoLogoThese past few days I had the chance to go see some ice-skating at the United States Figure Skating Championships. You see, they’re here in Greensboro, NC.


And yet, I’m sure I still wouldn’t have attended if my cousin’s daughter hadn’t been skating in the competition. Although I have certainly seen skating on the television, I have never actually seen in it person.


My cousin Robin has a daughter, Linde, who was skating in the Junior Pair’s Competition. As it turns out, there are four levels of competition in the National’s and Junior is 3 out of 4. The ones you see (and me too I suppose) are Senior and they’re always on television.


I didn’t know what to expect and I wasn’t expecting that much but Kevin and I went to the competition on Tuesday for the Pairs “short program.” I have to say, it was so much more impressive in person. Although its obvious on TV that you and me could NEVER do any of that you can definitely see the speed and physicality much more in person.


Even in the level that we went to it was impressive watching all the lifts and jumps.


Today I went back for the short program and Linde and her partner skated a “personal best” and their point total was way higher then ever before. The couples that got first and second should definitely be moving up to the Senior level soon and I could see them competing to be in International competition.


LogoAll in all, it was a fun experience and since it wasn’t the senior level we got to have really good seats.


So I suppose what I can say is that you should try new experiences because you just might be surprised.


I suppose I could also say “Congrats Linde on a great skate” but then, I just did huh?


There’s more this weekend but since the parking was $15 and was almost as much as a ticket I doubt I’ll go back. Also, there will be crowds. I hate crowds.


See ya,



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  1. Robin Barnes
    January 28, 2015

    What a treat to have you & Kevin come out to watch Linde! And more importantly, what a treat to be able to spend time with you in Greensboro! Would you please get that damn TV set up in the guest room? Love you!

    • Lynn
      February 6, 2015

      Hahaha…ok, I’ll look into the TV

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