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In which i wing it


It’s not like I never do anything. It’s not like I never get on my computer and write something creative. It’s just that I never seem to get on the computer and write a post you see?


So, I just wrote a really long poem for an engagement party. A friend of mine had an idea to write a poem for her son and “soon to be” daughter in law and she was stuck. She asked me if I wanted to “help” her with the poem and then I had to explain that “no, I can’t help” but I would actually write the poem.


You see, I write poems. I write them for birthdays, Christmas cards (when I’m not being lazy) and other assorted things. They’re not poetry per se but little funny ditty’s for people.


And … I’m good at them.


So I would write the poem but I’m not capable of sitting down with somebody else and working on it. I just have to sit down by myself in front of the computer and it just happens.


That’s sort of how I operate.


Yesterday I was showing Kevin some of my paintings and he saw one that he liked. He asked me why I didn’t do more like that and I had to explain that since I never know how things end up the way they do I certainly can’t replicate it.


You see, I just sort of paint and paint and paint until at some point I think “that’s it” and then I’m done.


I can’t possibly repeat that process. The end result is that I always have paintings that I’m painting over and repainting over because it’s still not “right.” Once the painting is right then I’m done. I just kind of “feel” my way through. It’s really not a very methodic process.


I’m not sure how real painters do it but I suspect it’s a bit more of a plan then an experiment here and an experiment there.


So basically, I spend my life just winging things and it either flows really easily or it’s just not going to work.


My poems are like that, my paintings are like and even this blog is like that.


Now you know. I’ll share the poem after the engagement party.


Well, if I’m given permission to that is.


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