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In which i wrap up MY Dragon*Con experience

Day 3 at Dragon Con.  Are you getting tired of the blow by blow?? Well, that’s tough because I’m not done yet ok?  So, we got up on Day 3 and since we were now big Michael Trucco fans and the girls had gotten their picture taken with James Callis and Jamie Bamber but NOT Michael Trucco (we didn’t know he was going to be there) we decided that the thing to do was to get an autograph from him.


So, since the BSG panel wasn’t until much later, we headed over towards the Hilton where the “Walk of Fame” is.  Oh, and also Keely was getting her picture taken with Ian Somerhalder.  Yeah! The guy from Vampire Diaries.  She was freaking out and kept saying, “Mom, isn’t he cute?” which of course he’s cute but he’s just a kid and I’m 53 so yeah, there’s that.


Anyhoo, we went to see Michael Trucco and we got there and remember that Keely had already asked him if he remembered us.  He did.


Then we bought the picture and he wrote her a little note and then he said he was going to add “Frak yeah” and then he said that he was going to put X’s and O’s especially for her and she was thrilled.


Meanwhile, I went over to Jamie Bamber and had this conversation which basically went like this:


Me:                  Look, I’m really sorry if I behaved poorly.  I’m not used to going out drinking with 22 year olds.

Jamie:             you were fine

Me:                  never go out drinking with 22 year olds

Jamie:             always go out drinking with 22 years olds

Me:                  maybe not when you’re 53 like me

And yeah, he was nice and gracious and I’m sure Keely would have cringed again had she not still be talking to Trucco who I went over to.


Michael:          so we’re the same age

Me:                  we’re not the same age

Michael:          yeah we are

Me:                  I’m 53

Michael:          I’m 42


Huge silence and pause


Me:                  ummm…that’s not exactly the same




And then I turned to James Callis and introduced myself as Lynn MacDonald from All Fooked Up because I follow him on Twitter and chat with him occasionally so he stood up and gave me a big hug and was so amazingly sweet and awesome.


I must say, these 3 guys must have been exhausted and they were all still so nice so that was fun for the girls and I.  You might wonder why I keep telling people my age and it’s because I’m pretty sure that people thought I was running around with some teenagers who I was letting drink illegally.  I simply thought people should know I was a (semi) responsible adult right???


So that was basically all the excitement of the con until the ride home.  It wouldn’t have normally been all that exciting either except for the fact that Kathleen accidentally left the entire packet of PICTURES and AUTOGRAPHS by the coffee station in the Marriott Lobby.


When did we realize this?  When we were over an hour away.  The result was a series of frantic phone calls to the Atlanta Downtown Marriott who found our package and make arrangements to FedEx it back to thank you Marriott for that.


So, between the stress of the lost package and the hours of pouring rain, it was a bit of a tense drive.  However, it was totally worth it because we had a fantastic time.  I highly recommend this experience to everyone.


Unless …

You hate crowds

You hate people

You hate dragons

You hate SciFi

And Fantasy

And Cartoons

And meeting actors in your favorite shows.


Or I suppose, if you hate me.  Thanks for reading.  See ya.


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One Comment

  1. Jester Queen
    September 7, 2012

    Well, except the crowds, I love all those things, and I can handle a crowd. When I can someday afford it, I will go to the con. I may be 53 before it happens, so it’s good to know it’s a viable experience for all ages.

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