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In which i wrote this for Keely



This is the poem that I wrote Keely for her birthday!


For Keely MacDonald on her 24th Birthday

Born October 17, 1989



Twenty-four years ago on this day

A momentous event happened they say

Was it the birth of a child, A “gift” in a way?

That wasn’t it; I need to say “nay”

It was an upheaval, an earthquake of sorts

That fucked up California way up in the North

But I feel really certain, on this there’s no doubt

That the rend in the earth was caused by a shout

A shout of pure joy for there was “the gift”

Only that child could cause such a rift.

Her smile was bright, her impact so strong

That the earth tore apart and sang out its song

And as she progressed through her life as it went

She constantly broke all her bones, never bent

She broke the earth, her arms and her toe

She kept all the Orthos in Greensboro afloat

But her knucklehead ways, her disarming smile

The way she made friends, was never a trial

She soldiered on when a tumor approached

And never let all the sadness encroach

Surgery, bypasses and even a PE

Couldn’t get a grip on our little Keely.

She said what will I do and where will I go?

And she drove off to Cali with her mother in tow

We had quite a ride and arrived there one day

And looked for a roomie and it was so cray!

But then she met Mallory and all was so great

And Keely was ready, she wanted to create

She PA’d at first and worked on her writing

She wanted to be where the people were inviting

She landed right here, right where she is now

On Sleepy Hollow Fox and she’s happy and HOW!

She loves all the writers and PA’s and such

And producers and everyone, that’s Keely’s touch

She works her way in, way into your heart

And you can’t imagine a life with her not a part

So Keely MacDonald, please enjoy this day

Your mom and dad miss you cuz you’re so far away

But we know that you’re something, something quite unique

and your future is bright; I know of whence I speak

I’m looking forward to seeing how your story unfolds

I know it’ll be epic, the hots and the colds

I can’t wait to someday be with you to pitch

The sitcom you wrote where your mother’s a bitch

I love you and miss you and hope you enjoyed

This little ditty or I’ll be annoyed.

Happy birthday baby!!

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  1. Julie
    October 21, 2013


    • Lynn
      October 21, 2013


  2. Marilynn
    October 21, 2013

    So she’s the cause of the Loma Prieta earthquake? I was there. And now she’s in L.A.? Angelenos should be warned! The next Big One is in their midst.

    • Lynn
      October 21, 2013

      hahaha..yup. It was all her fault. THat’s what we told her at least

  3. Dawn
    October 21, 2013

    Awwww, Happy bday, Keely! And kudos to Mom for a well-written poem :-)

    • Lynn
      October 21, 2013


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