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In which i’m a bit boring


So guys, has anything funny happened in your life this week because nothing really funny has happened in mine?


I’ve basically been boring but here’s what’s up:


Kevin was out of town in Minnesota all week. Normally he would freeze his ass off up there but it was unnaturally warm up there (here too) so that wasn’t a problem.


I went to see Bill Clinton speak this week and that was pretty interesting. He looks exactly like he looks on TV and I always feel like giving him a throat lozenge when he speaks but he talked about Hillary (duh), the history of United States Presidents (that was interesting), the role of America today and how it’s really interesting about having the right president at the right time.


For example, he talked about how Lincoln was a bit doofy and nerdy and probably wouldn’t be a great president today was he was exactly what we needed at the time. I never really thought about that type of thing.


The rhetoric in the US continues to concern me and the sheer amount of Islamaphobia is distressing. I heard one guy say on a CNN bit that “every single one of you Muslims is a terrorist” which is downright crazy. First, there are 1.6 billions Muslims and if they were all terrorists we would all have been conquered ages ago because they would overrun everyone else.


In fact that’s not true; most Muslims are peaceful. There are rightwing extremists in every religion including Christianity and Judaism, but we aren’t all measured by them so it should be the same in that regard for Muslims.


Also, beyond the fact that Donald Trump is a hate mongering idiot, Ted Cruz isn’t far behind but doesn’t have to be an ass and instead can just ride the coattails of that movement. Can you imagine what the world thinks of America now?


Anyways, I don’t want to really go off on all that. I had Whine with Lynn the other day here at my house and people seemed to like my paintings, which is nice. What’s not nice is the hassle of dealing with that aspect of art. Maybe I’ll just give them all away who knows.


The Christmas holidays are here and we are going away for the break so I’m not decorating which seems fine since it’s 72 degrees outside and doesn’t really seem like December. I continue to be immersed in the Hamilton soundtrack and if you haven’t listened to it you totally should.


I also read the biography that the musical was based on and there was a lot of infighting amidst the founding fathers much as there is today. The parties really didn’t like each other and had many disagreements although they certainly compromised better than today’s lot.


Also the 2nd amendment didn’t mean and wasn’t written to mean the way it’s now interpreted. I’m not a lawyer so I won’t go into it.


So that’s it. I’m sure when my kids come home I’ll have more stories to tell but Daniel lost his phone so we haven’t heard from him in a week and a half and if it weren’t for his sister we probably wouldn’t know he’s alive (apparently he is.)


Have a great day and a nice week.


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