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In which i’m a creative genius … or something

This might be the last time you ever hear from me.  Why you might ask? Well, I’ll be happy to tell you.  As you might recall I bought a new computer a few weeks ago and it was an Apple.  Since we have a Mac and Apple TV, we decided to upgrade the network to Apple.  Here’s where it all went south.


First, I couldn’t figure out how to change out the LinkSys to Apple and the entire network went down.  This was a problem because Daniel was in the middle of his homework (I totally forgot about Daniel; I always do poor kid).  Now we had no network, no Apple TV and no Xbox.  Finally after fucking around for about an hour, I got it back to the way it used to be.


The next day I went to the Apple Store and talked to a “Genius” who told me to call Apple Care and have them walk me through the set up.  I went home, called Apple Care and indeed, they did help me set it up.  This is what transpired next.


Daniel:            Mom, the Xbox can’t get a signal


Me:                  Damn it, it was supposed to be more powerful.  I’ll have to get a repeater to make it work.


So I go buy a repeater, set it up and finally there is a signal in the bonus room.  Now we’re ready to set up the network on the Xbox.


Daniel:            Where’s the “MacDonald Network?”


Me:                  It doesn’t exist any more.


Daniel:            What happened to “MacDonald Network?”


Me:                  They made me pick a different name.


Daniel:            What’s “Lynn MacDonald’s Network?”


Me:                  That’s the new name


Daniel:            Seriously mom, you named the new Network after yourself?


Me:                  They put me on the spot…I had to think fast!


Daniel:            Dad’s gonna be pissed (yeah, Kevin hates that type of shit)


Me:                  Just see if the damn Xbox works!


Daniel:            Yeah, it works fine


So later Kevin comes home and I tell him I’ve completely fixed the network and I’m all sorts of proud of myself until this:


Kevin:             What the hell is this Lynn?


Me:                  (All innocent like) What?


Kevin:             It says “Lynn MacDonald’s Network”


Me:                  Yeah, so?


Kevin:             There is no way that I’m going to use a Network that says “Lynn MacDonald’s Network”


Me:                  I panicked…I had to think fast and I couldn’t use “MacDonald Network”


Kevin:             You need to change it


Me:                  Are you fucking kidding me?  It was a huge pain in the ass setting that up?


Kevin:             And also, the coverage isn’t very good here in the kitchen where I usually use my computer.


Me:                  Damn it…I ‘ll go buy another repeater than.


So I do, and now I’ve invested in a Airport Extreme and two Airport Expresses and this happens.


Daniel:            Mom…the network has dropped my Xbox 5 times today


Me:                  What? Are you serious?


Daniel:            Yeah, the new network sucks


Me:                  Shit, I’ll look into it


So here I am, with three devices on my Apple Network and nobody likes it.  It’s faster when it works but it drops stuff ALL THE TIME.  So yesterday, I went to Office Depot and bought a new LinkSys router and a new LinkSys repeater.  Today, I’m going to take out the Apple Network and try the LinkSys.  If the house explodes and we have no network the good news is that KEVIN IS OUT OF TOWN.


Also, I plan on returning the Apple stuff ASAP.  Also, the might be the end of my blogging days.  We’ll just have to see now won’t we?


RECAP:  Ok, the new LinkSys network is up and running and I named it “MacDonald Network.”  The repeater didn’t work and some online support technician from Pluto (or somewhere) had me do all this shit and then I got fucking disconnected.  Finally, I went back to Office Depot so I could yell at some guys for treating me like some dumbass broad who didn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground.


They gave me a new repeater.  I came home and installed it and it works.  Everything is awesome and I’m a fucking genius.  It really should have been “Lynn MacDonald’s Network”; after all, I’m the creative person behind all this shit!


I’m just saying…


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  1. Lisa
    April 12, 2011

    If someone gave me an apple computer, ipad, etc I’d be down with it, but I love the ease of PC…not that I’ve ever used a Mac, but that’s irrelevant.

    • Lynn
      April 12, 2011

      Right now, it’s not the computer…it’s the network that’s killing me. And i wrote this yesterday and i thought i had it fixed but it’s actually worse than ever now…so, i’m about to scream. Off to TimeWarner to talk to them

  2. Jessica
    April 12, 2011

    This is hilarious Lynn. We have a Mac and I love it but I totally get this story. I’m always the one in the house to fix our computer problems, thus the one who everyone yells at when it doesn’t work. And yes, I agree, it should be the Lynn MacDonald network.

  3. By Word of Mouth Musings
    April 12, 2011

    There has to be something even more fitting of your extreme talent in this networking gig than Lynn MacDonald network – surely … after all this you need an empire of some kind at the very least!
    did you like yesterdays waitress smack btw, saw you checked out ‘the baby bump’ ;)

    • Lynn
      April 12, 2011

      I have been so slack lately in checking out blogs and talking to peeps. My moodiness even drives me nuts.

  4. Pamela D Hart
    April 12, 2011

    I don’t see a problem with “Lynn MacDonald’s Network”. You are the Bloggin Queen and we’re a network of devoted followers! What’s wrong with those guys? Guess it’s a good thing you didn’t end up with that Airport Express–you might have accidentaly flown away, and we’d have to form a possee to find you…
    Pamela D Hart recently posted..Great Being Called MumMy Profile

    • Lynn
      April 12, 2011

      I know right? I get no appreciation around here. None at all!

  5. Donna
    April 12, 2011

    I don’t understand why they didn’t like what you put as the network name. but, males, yeah, ok, I understand now.

    I’m glad that I’m not the only female in a family that has to do all the tech stuff and get in trouble if it doesn’t work.

    You rock

    • Lynn
      April 12, 2011

      I do all the tech stuff around here…and than I get yelled at! Figures…

  6. Jessica
    April 12, 2011

    You should have left it named after you.

  7. The Batty Broad
    April 12, 2011

    Who knew that you were going to need a degree in Rocket Science to get your computer and other devices to work together? You are a genius! Kudos!

    • Lynn
      April 12, 2011

      hahaha…except that today, it all fell apart and i went back to Apple and i have called in reinforcements.

  8. Lady Estrogen
    April 12, 2011

    It would have only been fitting if it was your network.
    Men are SOO like that. After we got married, hubs didn’t like my laptop saying “Stephanie’s computer” so I had to change it to the “Farrell Family”
    Egos. pssfft.

  9. Matty
    April 12, 2011

    Holy network, Lynn. You really have me wondering now. I’ve been thinking about ditching my Dell desktop and going with an Apple, the one where the monitor is the computer. Yeah, the expensive one. Now you have me thinking, how messed up is it going to be trying to convert everything. I am not a tech person, and I’m sure I’d be lost trying to do it. Hmmmmmmm.

    • Lynn
      April 12, 2011

      Well first, pay the $100 for them to copy everything over…then you also have a year of Apple care. Also, now I just converted back to Apples network today and they’re grat on the phone…that’s the computer that I got!

  10. Lukas Cash
    April 12, 2011

    Good stuff Lynn. Funny blurb about my wife handling technology.

    She too found herself on the phone, talking to a mentally handicapped tech supporter from Bangladesh or something. He was running her through the gauntlet of bullshit steps that she had previously run three or four times, and she was visibly, and justifiably pissed. All of sudden I hear her say, “Why, why the fuck do you want to talk to my husband? Don’t you think if my husband handled this shit regularly he would be doing it now.” I guess she didn’t like his answer and she just chucked the phone at me. I pick up the phone, shake my head and say,”Dude, you must be suicidal. She will hunt you down and make a skin suit out of you. Just send out a tech. Unlike you, we know exactly what the problem is, and I would rather tell him.”

    Technology is a beautiful tragedy if ever there was one

    • Lynn
      April 12, 2011

      Hahaha…awesome story! Today I changed the network back again!!!!

  11. Theresa Sonoda
    April 12, 2011

    Hallleluiah sister. I get it. I have the same freaking job around my place and I’m a genius and no one appreciates it. Ok there’s only one other. But still. And as for Apple, it’s like in the Garden of Eden. Eve should never have picked that Apple, and neither should you. You saw what it did to Adam/Kevin didn’t you? Yea, that Apple is evil.

    • Lynn
      April 12, 2011

      Hahaha…today I went back to the Apple network. It’s all good now

  12. Jackie
    April 12, 2011

    We have such a mixed network here! I have a Mac laptop, Windows desktop, an iPhone, and an iPod. The husband has a Windows laptop, Linux desktop, and an iPhone. Now the kids have 2 Linux laptops, 1 Windows laptop, and 1 Windows desktop…. oh and broken iMac.
    Two routers, two servers, a Windows media center computer hooked up to the TV, and on… and on… and on….
    And when it comes to fixing things the husband does most of it since it’s his job out in the real world!
    Oh… Lynn MacDonald’s Network is an awesome name!

    • Lynn
      April 12, 2011

      Holy shit! That’s what I need…different routers for different devices. Who set it up? Can that person come over and fix my network up

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