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In which i’m a shitty rat in a maze

Chaos Ahead Traffic Sign

So this was a ridiculous thing: let me tell you about it.  Kevin and I had to go down to this lawyer’s office to sign some paperwork.  We got to the building and parked in the guest parking.  All good right?


Well, not completely.  We walked into the lobby and we had been told Suite 2000.  We went to the elevators and there was this system that you put in the floor number and then it tells you which elevator to use.  Seemed simple except for the fact that there were 19 floors.  19 floors? So where was Suite 2000 right?


We walk back to the directory and sure enough, it says we need Suite 2000.  We ask some people who are standing around and a woman tells us that we need the 2nd floor.  She walks up to the pad and types in 2 and it tells us to go to Elevator A.


We go to Elevator A and the only buttons in the Elevator are open and close door.  We get to the 2nd floor and the lady gets off and guess what? No Suite 2000.  A man in the elevator asks where we’re going and we tell him and he says we need the 19th floor.


Seriously?  Suite 2000 is on the 19th floor? Then why the hell didn’t it say that on the directory?  Of course, now that we know that there is no button to press for other floors because there’s only an open and close door button.


The guy tells us to go with him to 17 and then we can get to 19 from there so that’s exactly what we do.  We get off on 17 and he says we can either press the elevator to get to 19 or there is a spiral staircase to get to 19.  We choose the spiral staircase and begin the climb to 19 where we eventually reach our destination.


When we finally got into the meeting I informed the lawyer that this was the stupidest system I’ve ever seen and he agreed although it’s supposed to be more efficient which it would have been if somebody had ever explained on the directory that suite 2000 was on the 19th floor which makes absolutely not sense at all.


Also, on the way out we couldn’t find the exit to the parking garage so basically the entire experience was like being a rat in a maze and totally fucking it up.


So, I suppose the end result is that I ended the year being an incredibly shitty rat with no sense of direction whatsoever.


Hope next year is better but I seriously doubt it.

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  1. Julie
    January 2, 2013

    Immediate grounds for dismissal!

  2. Jester Queen
    January 2, 2013

    Clearly, they need better cheese. Then you can find the car easily.

  3. Dawn
    January 2, 2013

    Obviously we all need to know what school those engineers graduated from and then proceed to inform future hopeful engineers to avoid that school at all costs. And maybe they should be also be reported to the better-college-education-bureau. If such a thing existed….

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