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In which i’m an embarrassing mom

This post is older and happened this past year but for some reason, I never published it.  At any rate, I’m posting it now!

I believe that I’ve mentioned that I have two daughters ages 19 and 20.  The other day I was down at Duke moving my 20-year old junior, Keely, into her apartment.  I was hanging out with her, her roommate Kinsley, and her friend Anne who also attends Duke but is someone who I have known since she was 6.

So Kinsley is down at the car saying goodbye to her parents who have just brought in all her things and Keely is in her room unpacking and Anne and I are in the living room just chilling before we all head out for a big Target run when the following conversation occurred.

Anne:              “What is that huge tray of brownies in there?”

Me:                 “Oh.  Those are Kinsley’s. I believe she baked them for her CRU (Campus Crusades) kids.”

Anne:              “They sure smell good.”

Me:                 “Well, maybe we should go look at them.”

Anne:              “I don’t know…”

Me:                 “Come on.  Let’s go look.”


(We walk to the kitchen and check out the brownies.)


Me:                 “Huh.  Look at that.  Somebody’s already eaten one.  Well that’s like an open invitation.  Let’s have one.”

Anne:              “We probably shouldn’t do that.”

Me:                 “What difference will two more brownies make?”

(I take out a knife and cut two brownies)


Me:                 “Uh oh. They’re not even.  There’s a big one and a smaller one.  Which one do you want?”

Anne:              “I’ll take this one.” (Takes the bigger one)

Me:                 “Ok. Let’s go back in the living room before we get caught.”


(We walk into the living room)


Keely:             “What are you guys eating?”

Me:                 (Mumbles with a mouth full of brownie) “A brownie.”

Keely:             “What??  Mom, you are so rude!  Those aren’t yours.  You didn’t even ask Kinsley.  She baked them for CRU.”

Me:                 “UHHHH”

Keely:             “Oh my god Mom!”


(Kinsley walks back in the room)


Me:                 “Kinsley, we had one of your brownies.”

Kinsley:          “What?”

Me:                 “It was all Anne’s fault.  She was dying for a brownie and as the adult in the situation; I thought I should check them out and make sure they were ok to eat.”

Kinsley:          “What??”

Anne:              “Mrs. MacDonald! You can’t blame it on me!”

Me:                 “We only had one each.”

Kinsley:           (long sigh) “Ok.”

Me:                 “And Anne took the big one anyway so … I might need another one!”

Keely:             “MOM!!!”

There you are:  a typical interaction between me, my kids, and their friends.  Am I the world’s most embarrassing mom because I’m sure working on it!


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  1. Don E. Chute
    August 8, 2011

    You are good on this one…It’s like the Twinkies Defense, you just had to do it….++++ why would anybody leave Brownie’s out in the first place, if they weren’t for eatin??

    nuff said.

    Aloha From Sunny Stuart Florida :)

    • Lynn
      August 8, 2011

      I totally agree! And I’m back home finally and can respond!

  2. meghan
    August 8, 2011

    Great laugh to start the day!

    • Lynn
      August 8, 2011

      thanks girl! hope you’re doing well

  3. Jackie
    August 8, 2011

    You’re the cool mom that everyone loves! Seriously… I want to be you.

    • Lynn
      August 8, 2011

      no i’m not. I’m rude and obnoxious. and don’t forget mean…but we do seem to have fun.

  4. RCB
    August 8, 2011

    I would have eaten it all and blamed the chipmunks. By the way, Anne is a funny girl. First she says you shouldn’t and the next thing you know she’s got the bigger one :)

    • Lynn
      August 8, 2011

      hahaha… i always get caught. It was funny about Anne

  5. Julie
    August 10, 2011

    I applaud you for not eating the whole plateful.

    • Lynn
      August 10, 2011

      i know right? why do they ALWAYS look at the negative side?

  6. Anne
    August 15, 2011

    Thanks for the shout out! Keely and I were talking about this the other day discussing our move-in plans for this year. I might have to make some brownies… maybe I’ll bring them over when yall are moving in :)

    • Lynn
      August 15, 2011

      hahaha…that was so funny though

  7. Name *
    September 27, 2011

    Stopping from Time Travel Tuesday.

    I so enjoyed this! Brownies taste better when you eat them with a friend.

    • Lynn
      September 27, 2011

      Especially when they’re forbidden, ya know?

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