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In which i’m an idiot


I’m such an idiot. Let me explain. As you may or may not know I got a new car last year and it was a Lexus Hybrid. What that means is that the engine runs really quietly and you can hardly tell that it’s on.


As a result, at the beginning I actually left the car running two different times while I went to work out. I mean, I thought I had turned the car off but when I got back to the car it was on when I got it.


I thought it was kind of weird because it won’t start without the key (it’s a punch button but you need to have the little clicker) but apparently it’ll run forever without it even being in the car.


So this has happened a few times and occasionally I’ll turn the car on but it won’t really be on and only some of the electrical will work and apparently I’ve never figured the entire thing out.


Which brings me to today. Today it was raining and I was going to the workout place and I ended up parking in the underground parking garage. I backed the car into the space and I turned the car off and started gathering my stuff.


For some reason all the lights were still on and I thought “hmmm, I guess I didn’t turn it all the way off” so I turned the car off. But instead, I guess I turned it back on because now the car was running … or humming as it does.


So I turned it off again and I get out of the car but I hear a humming so I figured “shit it’s still on” so I got back in again and nope, it didn’t seem to be on but it also didn’t seem to be off and there was that humming.


So I pulled forward and then I backed back in and I turned the car off.

The lights were still on.

Are the lights always on for a minute?

I can’t remember.

I get out and lock up and I wait.

The lights are still on.

I still hear humming.

Is that my car humming?

Fuck. I can’t leave it like this.

I get back in.

I turn on the car.

Shit! Obviously it was off if it just turned on right?

I pull forward.

I back in again.

I turn the car off.

I get out and lock up.

The lights are STILL FUCKING ON!



I walk around the car.

Still hear a humming.

Is that my car?

I look around.

I decide to walk around.

The humming is everywhere.


The humming is coming from the garage lights.

It’s not my car.

The lights on my car are now off.


I’m an idiot.



I left and worked out. I can’t imagine what Kevin will say but he’ll definitely give me shit.


These quiet cars are confusing.

These noisy lights are confusing.

Why is life so confusing?

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  1. Julie
    October 1, 2014

    Hysterical! (I’ve left my car running too.)

    • Lynn
      October 3, 2014

      its so confusing …

    October 5, 2014

    Haha! Drove the parents to the hospital in their car….dropped them off and went to park. Came back 2 hours later and the stupid thing is still running! Glad we had just filled it up for them.

    • Lynn
      October 7, 2014

      These quiet cars are tricky

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