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In which i’m boring again

strange flora - drop of ink going through water

I just walked in the house and my cat looked at me like “what the hell is wrong with you” which is a valid point and I wish she could actually figure it because I surely can’t.  It’s not that anything is wrong, per se, it’s just that I’ve been incredibly moody lately.


Now that isn’t unusual because as you know, I’m a bit on the bipolar side of life, but this particular funk has lasted for a really, really long time.  As I look back on the last bit of this blog it seems sort of boring to me and that’s because I haven’t felt very interesting lately.


Yesterday Andie called me and was talking to me and after a few minutes of aimless talking she informed me that she was “gonna go” because I was “boring.”  I pointed out to her that SHE called ME and that if I had something interesting to say then I would have called her.  See? Isn’t that logical?


Just the other day I was explaining my bad mood to somebody who told me that they didn’t think that I really was moody because they had never actually seen me in a bad mood.


The thing is folks, that when I’m in a bad mood I truly don’t go out or interact because then I have a tendency to be nasty.  So you see, you’ll probably never see me when I’m in a bad mood as I’m holed up in my house.  I hate when people try to tell me things about myself like I DON’T ALREADY KNOW THAT SHIT!


So, since this is just a rambling post don’t you hate when you remember something that you forgot to do right when you’re in the middle of something else? This morning in spinning I remembered something really important that I forgot to do for my taxes, which coincidentally I turned in yesterday.  Now I gotta fix the whole damn thing up.


I also have lots of nitpicking things to do around the house, which I totally don’t feel like doing but Kevin is swamped at work so I suppose I just have to bite the bullet and do it.  Why do they say bite the bullet?  Is that from the old days when you were hurt and they just poured rotgut on your wound and they put something in your mouth, possibly a bullet, to bite on so you didn’t scream?  I should Google that.


At any rate, the point I’m making if I was actually accused of trying to make a point is that I’m working my way through this as I always do and if you hang in there I’ll possibly be fun again sometime in the future. Or not.  No promises.


Oh! And I have been painting so I’ll do a post with some of my more recent stuff in it.


See ya!

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  1. Julie
    April 4, 2013

    Sometimes a good “funk” is just what I need. I actually enjoy of few days of brooding ~ maybe because I get sick of myself and pop out of it.

    • Lynn
      April 4, 2013

      yeah, about 4 months and counting and ready to “pop” out of it

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