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In which i’m disgusted with the U.S.A.


Ok seriously?  Yesterday I had to do an “update” to my iPhone for iOs7 and when I got in my car today the controls didn’t work AGAIN.  Of course, due to my stupendous Googling skills of the other day, the first thing I tried was to reboot my phone and “voila” it worked.


However, it does seem ridiculous that every single time I update the operating system on the phone that I will have to reboot my phone. I think that Google, a company that seems to be on the cutting edge, should be able to do something about that don’t ya think?


In other new, the fucking government is a mess and I’m so pissed off I’m not even sure who to direct it at.  Seriously, we’ve become just like all those Middle Eastern countries where one fanatic element can hold the rest of the country ransom.  It happens in Israel, Syria, Iraq, Iran, you name it and now it’s happening here.


When you look at the percentage of people who want the government to get its shit together it’s overwhelming.  Not only that but the entire thing is about a law that was passed years ago.


Are we going to have a huge shutdown because women have the right to vote now? How about desegregation; should we have a shutdown because of that?  The entire thing is ridiculous and even more; it’s selfish and shows how all these politicians are entirely about themselves.


Yesterday all the talk was about re-opening the National Institute of Health because moms and kids were missing clinical trials.  Yeah, I hate that for them for almost a million people are out of work and they possibly can’t pay their bills or live either.  IT’s a bunch of grandstanding and I’m so over it.


What’s really annoying is that North Carolina, MY STATE, is one of the leaders of this extreme right movement.  It’s awful and it’s embarrassing.  I’d almost rather have Jesse Helms back because at least he stood for a lot of people who felt that way at the time.


Well, I guess now I’m just venting but I look around the world and see the government and people starving and the banking corruption and global warming and honestly, I don’t think people deserve to live on this earth and if we destroy it we kind of deserve what we get.


That’s just my opinion and you can certainly disagree.  I suspect somebody will get tired of it all and grab a gun full of a zillion bullets to make a statement because that’s pretty much how it goes now.  OF course, access to those types of clips is another one of my pet peeves.

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  1. Jester Queen
    October 7, 2013

    Speaking of Jesse Helms, google Todd Rundgren’s song “Fuck you” (may not be the title, but it’s the chorus) for a laugh at the government. He gets everybody from Jesse Helms to the pope to Tipper Gore

    • Lynn
      October 7, 2013

      hahaha…thought i was done with all the hating of the govt but guess not

  2. Elizabelibby
    October 11, 2013

    I so agree with you!!

    • Lynn
      October 11, 2013


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