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In which i’m disorganized


I’ve always been somewhat disorganized although in my own chaotic way, I’ve always coped, but lately things have been worse.


Case in point: yesterday as I was messing around on my computer I got to the McSweeny’s website.  Now I’ve heard of them but never actually read much from this site but I know that Ann Imig has published on there before.  I saw a post by Wendi Aaron’s and I went and read it. Boy was it funny. I thought wow, I’ll never be able to write like that but I think I’m funny in my own way.


So I saw there was an open letter section and I thought I could do that. I went to my blog and decided to submit two “dear whomever” things I had written.  After I did that I saw there was a submission section so I clicked on that.


While reading the rules I realized that I had already fucked up.  First, you can only submit one thing at a time.  Second, you need your name and all sorts of information included, which I didn’t.  Third, and possibly the most important, the post can’t have been published on a blog. Whoops! Big fuck up there.


After reading that I wondered why I never read instructions first.  It would actually be better if I never read them because reading them after the fact just reinforces how badly I’ve just fucked up.  I would like to say that this is an isolated episode but it does, in fact, happen all the time.


Now I’m pretty sure that I’ll be blackballed from the site and it’s annoying because I actually spent time copying and pasting.  Not much time but that’s not the point.


This is just one of the areas I’m screwed up on.  For example, I met lots of awesome people at Mom 2.0 Summit that I should probably follow up with but it’s so annoying composing and sending out emails so I’ve basically bagged that.  The end result is that I never actually end up making many connections.  Because of this slack attitude, I’m shocked that my blog grows at all.


I’m in the middle of writing my book, getting ready for Keely’s surgery, keeping Andie calm for MCAT’s, getting ready for Daniel’s graduation and then Keely and I have a project we are going to work on this summer.  I’m hoping we will be a good team because she, like her father, is very organized.  Can’t say more right now about it though.  Shhhhh…it’s a secret!


I waffle between being psyched and trying to make more of a go of this blog and my fuck it attitude. Usually the fuck it part wins but occasionally I think I should actually try more, if for no other reason than to show my kids I can.


Last week I forgot to go to my shrink appointment, which is a standing appointment.  It’s amazing because I had literally been discussing the appointment the hour before I forgot to go.  That’s how scatterbrained I am.  I wasn’t there the week before because of Miami (Mom 2.0 Summit) and I won’t be there next week as I’ll be down at Duke Hospital with Keely so its imperative that I go.  After all, I barely have a hold on sanity at the best of times.


Add to that the fact that Kevin is gone for the week and things seem to be spiraling away from me. His job is to make me lists that I don’t follow.  You would think that if I don’t follow them that they’re not important but they are.  After all, at least that way I know what needs to be done.  Left to my own devices, I just can’t remember.


Last night I made dinner.  Like for realz.  I figured that I wouldn’t be here next week so I should be motherly when I can and I’m really out of practice.  Having just spent the year with only Daniel, I’m used to being a slacker.  After all, he’s usually content a long as there’s Chex Mix in the house.  Just having a full household is killing me.  We keep running out of food, milk, snacks and even soap and toilet paper. I’m not used to this anymore and I realize I’m turning into my mother.


I find it ironic that the less I actually have to do, the less I get done.  When the kids were young I didn’t have much time to waste so I had to be incredibly efficient.  Now I have nothing but time so I always put everything off and nothing gets done.  Actually, one of the few things that gets done are these posts which is ridiculous because this blog isn’t even a business.


Oh well, I suppose that I enjoy the rambling aspect of typing out my thoughts.  Right now, I’m trying to get ahead since I’m sure that next week will be awful.  Unfortunately, the times I usually get ahead are when I have absolutely nothing to do so I’m in a good mood.  Now that I NEED to get ahead I can’t think of a damn thing to say.


Except, that once again I have managed to write an entire blog post about nothing.  It’s almost impressive how I have so much to say about so little.


Have a great day!  I know I will or at least if I don’t, I probably won’t remember.

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  1. Kimberly
    May 23, 2012

    I forgot to take Thing One to an eye appointment, spaced off getting some paperwork finished at my job, and I think the only edible thing in the fridge is a head of broccoli. I’m with you.

  2. Jester Queen
    May 23, 2012

    I think your blog must be sucking up your organizational skills. That’s what mine is doing to me anyhow!! So that’s where they’ve allgone, that’s why the posts get done (but nothing else) and that’s why it continues to grow!! Sending all good vibes your way. Oh! And also you take guest posts from strangers. Huge bonus.

  3. Carol
    May 23, 2012

    Very well said. I like the concept of your post. Really interesting and attention- grabbing. Thanks for posting and hosting such wonderful article.
    Carol recently posted..moving companiesMy Profile

  4. Luc Sonny
    May 23, 2012

    I like your honesty. I think, you’ll be successful for your sense. Thanks for your nice topic.

  5. Annie
    May 23, 2012

    I totally understand how this happens. There is something about all the demands of life, kids, husbands, and then be creative with a blog, host guest posts, etc. and it’s enough to make anyone forget a shrink appointment or not read the rules to submit an article. Hang in there! Oh, and I couldn’t agree with you more…Wendi Aarons is hysterical.

  6. Melanie
    May 23, 2012

    I am annoyingly organized. But I swear if I didn’t have alarms on my phone for everything I would forget to breathe. Gotta water the lawns? There’s an alarm for that! Trash night? Alarm! It’s pretty bad, but it’s the only way I don’t forget everything.
    Melanie recently posted..Never More Than You Can HandleMy Profile

  7. Melanie
    May 23, 2012

    I keep leaving comments on your blog but they disappear. This has been happening the last few times and it’s really weird!

    Anyways, I’m super organized, to the point where I annoy myself. But I have iPhone alarms for everything! It tells me when to water my lawns, put the trash out, if I’m having folks over for dinner. I would die without this calendar.
    Melanie recently posted..Never More Than You Can HandleMy Profile

  8. Valerie
    May 23, 2012

    That bit about the less you have to do, the less actually gets done…so true! I just found you via Twitter, so I don’t know any details, but I hope that things get better for you (and your daughter) soon. Sometimes rambling/blogging about things is more theraputic than a therapy session. :-)
    Valerie recently posted..White Chocolate Mint CakeMy Profile

  9. I totally understand where you’re coming from. I am a bit disorganize sometimes too. I always need to write down the things that I need to do and the things that I need to make sure that everything will be in order.

  10. Tere
    May 24, 2012

    So in the same boat as you. Somedays I wonder what I am writing… or why? Am I just venting or just getting off track? Oh well, I am organized in some aspects, but not in others. Oh well, guess that’s life. As long as I know where I am going (whether or not I end up there), that’s fine with me!

  11. Michael Rochelle
    May 24, 2012

    Besides work stuff, I, too, feel incredibly disorganized when it comes to anything that is not required this very minute. If it can be put off until after the last minute, it usually is. I have actually asked a teacher for an extension of a deadline so that I could watch a tv show. Yeah, it’s really that bad. And don’t let me start talking about my writing. As much as I love it, that gets put off too. I wish there was a pill I could take to be more focused and productive.
    Michael Rochelle recently posted..My Blog Be an Old LadyMy Profile

  12. Cindy Reid
    May 28, 2012

    I like your ideas.. your being honest. Me, am a little shameful to share what’s on my mind. Thanks for posting. It encourages me to open up.
    Cindy Reid recently posted..ProsolutionMy Profile

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