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In which i’m flying out


It’s Wednesday morning and I’m leaving tomorrow to fly to LA for Keely’s birthday. There are men outside using a jackhammer on my porch because we have been planning to redo it for a long, long time and of course, this week is the week that they’ve decided to start.


My cat and dog are having a heart attack due to the noise so I’m considering taking them to the vets BEFORE my hair appointment. You see, I have forgotten to get my hair done the last two appointments, because I guess my iPhone wasn’t working, so I have an emergency one today before I leave.


That’s because I seem to have GRAY roots and I really don’t think of myself as a “gray hair.” Those are all the people I yell at while I’m driving because I’m full of road rage.


Anyways, the plan was to take the animals in after my haircut but now, I’m thinking earlier due to the fact that it’s quite noisy and they’re both pussies. Well, Butterscotch is definitely a pussy since she’s a cat but in the noise realm so is Tucker.


Gilgamesh and Hercules are swimming around fine because they either can’t hear the noise or they’re so happy that Kevin and I gave them some new water yesterday. I feel like the dirty water is their entire fault anyways because they always want to eat and then they shit in the same water. Is that my fault? I think not.


Also, my huge pile of paperwork is still huge because I decided I didn’t feel like dealing with it before I leave. I know, I know but I doubt we will lose the house while I’m gone. At least I hope not.


In other news, Daniel is a dope. I don’t know if you knew that but I assure you it’s true. You see, he went to visit Keely and in his attempt to save money on the way home he not only flew the redeye but he flew Air Trans and has a 4-hour layover in Atlanta. Then he arrives in Raleigh at 12:00 and he has class at 1:30. So basically he’s getting no sleep and going straight to class all to save $70. You see? He’s a dope.


I guess I can tell you this now too. Kevin and I are bringing Andie with us. Well actually she’s meeting us there but Keely doesn’t know. So when she comes to pick us up for dinner after work on Thursday she will get her birthday present, which is ANDIE. How awesome is that?


Just yesterday she told Andie that she wished she were going to be there for her birthday and how sad she was that Andie would miss it. HAHAHAHA


We are the best!


So that’s the plan. Hopefully I’ll update you and write a post for Monday on how everything went. Have a fun weekend. ALSO TODAY KEELY IS 25 so HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEELY!!

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  1. Julie
    October 17, 2014

    Hope you’re having a blast!

  2. Theresa
    October 17, 2014

    Happy 25 to Keely!!!! So fun to have the family out. Wish I was in L.A., but hope you get to meet my Ali! Have a fun stay. Finally the heat wave broke, and fall has arrived. CHEERS!

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