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In which i’m going to LA


Guys, I’m sorry I haven’t updated lately but as you know, I’m a slacker. So here is what’s going on. I’m going to LA tomorrow. You know, LA as in Los Angeles. The reason is that Keely is moving to a new apartment with a new roommate. I’m going out there for a few reasons.


  1. To make sure she doesn’t hurt herself; specifically her hip
  2. To help her pick out furniture; because I’m the one with taste
  3. To meet her new roommate
  4. To help her decorate her apartment; because … #2
  5. To hang the paintings which I painted and sent to her
  6. Cuz I want to


So basically, that’s what I’m up to. No, I’m not sleeping on an air mattress this time. I figure my back will already be hurting so once again I’m staying at the Andaz which is still pretty near by since she’s not moving all that far.


I hope to also meet some of the Sleepy Hollow people that weren’t there last time. Also I might meet a few more of Keely’s friends.


But mostly we will be fixing up the place, which honestly, I love to do. I really enjoy decorating in a homey fashion.


Beyond that I hope to spend some time with my baby who has been sick for weeks now. She went back from Christmas with a flu-type bug. I say flu-type because she was sick as a dog and went in and had the test and it wasn’t the flu but it was bad and she was quite sick.
Then she got a stomach bug.
Now she has a cough again and possibly bronchitis so I need to see what in the hell is happening out there. She asked why she was “always the one who got sick in the family” and I didn’t know but I thanked her because none of the rest of us ever get sick and I think we owe Keely some thanks for that.


Anyways, I hope to work out some and if I have some time I will write a post but you know me, I’ve turned into a slacker.


Meanwhile I think we can assume that Kevin will go crazy here alone because:


  1. Tucker keeps peeing on the rug
  2. Tucker keeps peeing on the floor
  3. Tucker keeps pooping everywhere
  4. The Super Bowl is on and I won’t be here
  5. The Patriots are playing
  6. He’s a fanatical Pats fan
  7. Always has been …

That’s pretty much it.


See ya

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