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In which i’m heading up North


Good grief, this never happens.  I’m leaving for Vermont tomorrow and I have a crazy day and I realized that I didn’t even have a post for tomorrow.  Of course, I have Bear Fact Friday all set up (of course I do) but I can’t even remember what in the hell I’ve been up to.


Today, I need to do some laundry to get ready for the trip and Kevin said “nooooo, don’t do any laundry” so fuck you Kevin, I won’t do yours!!!! (Actually, I probably should do his just to spite him!)


I also have a conference call which I NEVER have because I’m a pretty unimportant person but today I’m an important person and somebody wants my opinion.


I need to bring the animals to the vets so the other day I had to go to the vets and get a cardboard carrier for Butterscotch.  Why did I need to do that? Because she broke her stupid teeth on the nice plush carrier I had so I had to go back to the cheap carrier, which is ironic since I bought the nice one so that she wouldn’t have to have a cardboard carrier.  That’s what happens when you own the stupidest cat in the world.


I also have to figure out the fish situation. One person suggested, “vacation food” so I need to look into that and see what the hell that is. I’m hoping that Daniel is popping in for the weekend and I would know if he EVER called but he doesn’t so no clue as to that.


Packing of course, the thing I hate most in the world.  I gotta do that and apparently it’s hotter than hell up north which is problematic because of some reason New Englanders don’t seem to believe in air conditioning.  We obviously believe in it since I showed up at Pilates in a PolarTec and somebody asked me joking around if I was cold and I said “yes, its like the artic in my house” which it is.  In fact, I got a graph from the power company showing JUST HOW FAR above average our bill was.   You guys have no idea.


Beyond that, the sun is finally out and of course, I have so much to do today so I can’t go out in the sun.  It wouldn’t be fun without Andie anyways and she’s abandoned me and I kind of miss her but DO NOT LET HER KNOW THAT.


So as you’re reading this, I’m heading up North and hopefully we will have some fun up there and I’ll be able to write about it with my new iPad and keyboard.


Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. I am curious – why does Kevin not want you to do the washing??

    I can only imagine how high above average your bill is, mine is too but that is because it is cold over in the UK (Hubby would disagree) so instead of air con my bill goes on heating. Which will only get worse if I decide to work from home – I wonder if I can claim for the additional heating….mmmm

    • Lynn
      June 27, 2013

      According to Kevin, I do a lousy job folding and he has to redo his laundry

  2. Megly Mc
    June 27, 2013

    Seriously, I live in Phoenix…it will be 118 all weekend (forget that dry heat nonsense…). Take me with you…I’ll do the laundry.
    Megly Mc recently posted..You get what you paid for…pregnant.My Profile

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