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In which i’m in Los Angeles


Ok, I don’t even know if I told you guys that I was going out of town but out of town I am! (Did I sound like Dr. Seuss there?)


I had to do this Shot at Life thing yesterday but I wanted to let you know what’s going on so you can prepare for some awful blogging going down.


As I just said, I’m in California today.  LA to be exact!  I’m going to Mom 2.0 on Thursday so I thought I’d just swing by and see Keely first since she’s a bit bummed that she’s not going to graduation next week.


That’s the second thing I was going to tell you.  Andie is graduating next week which means a bunch of hullabaloo and then we have to get all her shit moved out so the point is, THE POINT IS, that I’m actually going to be a bit frenzied therefore I’ve arranged for a bunch of old posts to appear on this blog.


Well, I shouldn’t say arranged because as of this writing I haven’t done a damn thing but my hope is that I WILL arrange for that.  You know the drill, I put up some old stuff so that it’s not all empty and boring and then IF and WHEN I get the chance, I write posts while on the road and then preempt the other crap.


That is always my plan when traveling or busy and sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.


In other news, I’m freezing my ass off in my house which I tend to do every damn day and I am pretty sure that people who are up on Everest have to consume billions of calories to keep themselves alive in subzero temperatures but that apparently does not correlate to freezing to death in your own house which I constantly am and I personally think that sucks.


In still other news I’m leaving in two days and have lots of “animal” work to do.  What I mean by that is changing the cat litter and cleaning out the goldfish tank.  For little fish, they sure do make a whale of a mess.  Get it? Whale of a mess? Sorry, it’s early and I probably need more coffee.  Also, fish aren’t really animals so I should have rephrased this entire paragraph.


Other than that I’m looking around here and realizing that I’m behind on the blog, behind on paperwork and I haven’t even told you about how difficult the jigsaw puzzle that I’m doing is.  (It’s difficult … there! Now I’ve told you)


These are my first world issues I deal with each and every day.  So, now I have to figure out which previous posts to put up and which posts I’ve already put up (I probably should have kept track of that) and of course I don’t really have any methodology because I’m lazy.


Hopefully this will all make sense and if it doesn’t then it doesn’t and I’m really not all that inclined to worry about it.  All rightie then!  Hopefully you’ll get some new shit scattered amongst the previous crap but no promises.


Have a great day!



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  1. Julie
    April 30, 2013

    I have learned something today ~ fish aren’t animals. Who knew?

    • Lynn
      April 30, 2013

      I mean they’re not right?

  2. Jester Queen
    April 30, 2013

    You should have like an old post about old posts so that when you are getting ready to travel, you don’t even have to worry about posting that you’ll be posting old posts, you can just post an old post about posting old posts. Ahem. You appear to have infected my computer with Fox in Socks.

    • Lynn
      April 30, 2013

      Hahaha…that’s a good idea. Hmmmmm

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