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In which i’m in NYC


Guys! it’s been so long since I wrote a post on my iPad. I hope I remember how to do it. Oh shit! I’d forgotten that there is no autocorrect so don’t expect much.

So I’m in New York City. Kevin and I came in Friday for one of my best friends who’s son got married on Thursday. Friday night was a big party at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden.

Fact: although I lived in NYC for years I have NEVER been to the Brooklyn Botanical Garden
Fact: it’s beautiful
Fact: I’ve almost never been in Brooklyn since I was a kid
Fact: it’s really quite charming

We stayed down at the Battery and I’ve really never spent much time there.

Fact: it’s pretty awesome down here
Fact: there is an Irish Hunger Memorial … seriously, it’s across the street and it’s so pretty
Fact: there is a ton of high end shopping down here
Fact: there are huge yachts down here
Fact: we are one block from the World Trade Center
Fact: The Conrad is a pretty cool place to stay

So we walked around and it was really nice and then we went and had lunch and then got ready for the big party. We didn’t need to know how to get there because a bus was picking us up and taking us. We had to be ready at 6:20 to board the bus.

Fact: we were ready at 6:20
Fact: lots of other people were NOT ready at 6:20
Fact: we got out of there at 6:50
Fact: there is no way we were going to be on time

We finally arrived and you k now what? The place is gorgeous. Seriously, The Brooklyn Botanical Garden was gorgeous.

Fact: we drank some amazing cocktails
Fact: i had MORE THAN A FEW
Fact: if 99% of the guests are young the music will be WAY TOO LOUD
Fact: and yet even though I’m deaf and hoarse today it was fun

But then it was 11:00 and time to get back on the bus … which we did.

Fact: just because you’re a bus driver in NYC doesn’t mean that you know how to read a Garmin
Fact: I say that because Kevin and I were in the front row and we thought you were supposed to go right and he went left
Fact: we were right
Fact: did I mention we finally got home at around 12:30?
Fact: UBER is way faster and more convenient

All in all it was a great day and this Irish Hunger Monument was in recognition of the Great Potato Famine and World Hunger. I never heard of it but I sure am glad I saw it. Today we went to the 9/11 Memorial but I’ll write about that in a later post.

Take care

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  1. Sally
    August 25, 2015

    Sounds like a nice trip overall! Hubs has been to NYC and NEVER wants to go back? Maybe I can do a girls trip one day….probably more fun anyway! Ha!

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