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In which i’m late posting … I know


First of all, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting much but as you know, I was away. It’s not like I don’t have time when I’m away but I usually do my writing in the morning and basically if I miss that window of opportunity it’s a struggle for me.


Also, I hurt my back at the spa so I’ve been in sort of a mood about that but I’m so happy to be home.


I’m sitting at my desk reading two handouts that the vet’s gave Kevin when he picked up the animals.


The first is on Obsessive Compulsive Behaviors in dog’s which Tucker definitely has. He had infected two paws and they put him on steroids but to do that, they took him off the pill that basically keeps him walking.


The pills did nothing so I took him off and when he was in the vets his paw was infected again. I told them that I’m positive the dog is OCD and he probably needs anxiety drugs and that’s about it.


Also my cat has Hypercalcemia, which is too much calcium. What causes it? Lots of bad stuff and nothing good. They were supposed to be running test while I was gone but I haven’t heard anything.


So basically I’m waiting for a call back on both my cat and dog.


The fish are alive, I just asked them and they responded yes. But their tank is dirty and needs to be cleaned but I can’t do that because … I hurt my back and can’t lift the damn thing now.


How in the world did animals become my biggest problem? That seems absurd to me.


In other news, as far as I know, everyone else is doing well. Keely is in Los Angeles and Andie is in Med School and Daniel is in college and that’s that.


As for me? I’m doing well thanks for asking. I lost about 5 pounds at the Spa and I hope to continue losing about 10 more. I’d be thrilled if I could do that and some of it depends on this stupid back situation.


Ok, that’s about it. Hope you guys are well.


Sorry about posting so late!

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One Comment

  1. Cynthia K.
    September 9, 2014

    I hope that bits of it were enjoyable, but it totally sucks to be given a “fun” gift and come home with a debilitating injury.

    You know, you could just do a partial water change and it would be a little less dirty…or I’m sure it can wait. I find goldfish are either surprisingly delicate or horrifically tough, and it appears you have the latter.

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